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Re: [Gnump3d-users] Using downsampling to recode .ogg to .mp3

From: Chris Hendrickson
Subject: Re: [Gnump3d-users] Using downsampling to recode .ogg to .mp3
Date: Tue, 08 Nov 2005 10:24:15 -0500
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oops, I sent this with address that is not in the mailing list (they end
up filtering to the same place) so I'm going to send this again just to
be sure since I have not seen it appear on the list.

If you get multiple copies, my apologies.

you could write a one or two line script and call THAT along the
lines of

/usr/bin/oggdec --raw -b 16 -e 1 -o - $1 |  /usr/bin/lame -r -s 44.1
- - -m j -b 64 - -

the $1 variable is the first parameter passed to the command, $2 the
second, etc. $0 would then be the entire command

set the execute bit
chmod +x

and then set
downsample_medium_ogg = /usr/local/bin/ $FILENAME

you could then also set it up to pass other options such as the bit
rate to encode to by turning them into parameters to the script as
such as below

/usr/bin/oggdec --raw -b 16 -e 1 -o - $1 |  /usr/bin/lame -r -s 44.1
- - -m j -b $2 - -

and then

downsample_medium_ogg = /usr/local/bin/ $FILENAME 64
downsample_high_ogg = /usr/local/bin/ $FILENAME 128

$1 would be $FILENAME, $2 would be the second parameter, the desired
bitrate, etc.
so you write one script and then pass it whatever parameters it needs.

koan wrote:

> I believe your problem is that you are assuming the line you are
> giving the downsampler is being executed by a shell which I doubt it
> is. It is most likely a perl .exec() call. Since is it not a shell,
> the standard redirection operators (for stdout, stdin, stderr) do
> not work therefore you cannot pipe the output of command 1 into
> comand 2 - that is a function of the shell.
> What I might suggest would be something like make the line include a
> start shell command which in turns executes the command for the
> downsampling (not sure how well gnump3d would respond to this)..
> example:
> ownsample_medium_ogg = /bin/bash -c '/usr/bin/oggdec --raw -b 16 -e
> 1 -o - $FILENAME | /usr/bin/lame -r -s 44.1 -m j -b 64 - -'
> I havn't tested it but what SHOULD be happening is you start a shell
> with -c which says "execute this command when you start". Thus you
> have gnump3d -> open shell -> calls your command (which now works
> because its executed in the context of the shell and the redirection
> operators are valid).
> hope that helps :)
> On 11/7/05, address@hidden <mailto:address@hidden>* <address@hidden
> <mailto:address@hidden>> wrote:
> Hello all --
> I'm trying to persuade gnump3d to recode my ogg files to mp3 when
> downsampling. Enough of my friends are non-technical enough to
> make the
> hassle of recoding the files less than the hassle of explaing
> what an ogg
> file is and how to play it. :) That being said, I'm trying
> something like
> the following line in gnump3d.conf:
> downsample_medium_ogg = \
> /usr/bin/oggdec --raw -b 16 -e 1 -o - $FILENAME | \
> /usr/bin/lame -r -s 44.1 -m j -b 64 - -
> I apparently need the --raw flag since I'm writing to stdout (
> i.e., as
> opposed to the default .wav output). The flags on /usr/bin/lame
> tell lame
> to assume raw pcm data, and give it (what I hope are) all the
> necessary
> parameters of the data. These combinations of options come from
> some time
> spent hunting through manpages and trial-and-error.
> My problem is that it isn't working. The command above works
> just fine on
> the command line. In gnump3d, however, no ogg file plays, and
> the error
> log contains:
> Error writing to file: Broken pipe
> Error writing mp3 output
> which isn't terribly helpful.
> For the record, gnump3d -v gives:
> gnump3d v2.9.7 [CVS Info: gnump3d2 1.109 (2005/10/28)] on
> Perl v5.008006
> If any one can shed some light on this, I'd be mighty appreciative.
> Thanks,
> Austin
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