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RE: [Gnump3d-users] gnump3d in virtual domain

From: DeMZed
Subject: RE: [Gnump3d-users] gnump3d in virtual domain
Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2005 19:24:02 +0100


I've also try to set up such an environment. You're right : it does NOT work
; I've done some tricks in the conf, but I gave up :(

In Apache2 with a Reverse Proxy on when asking /musique, I
wrote this in my virtualhost conf :
        ProxyPass /musique/
        ProxyPassReverse /musique/

It works also well when using https://myhost/musique.

But two things don't work :
1) The $BANNER seem to be hard coded : I didn't find out to make it print
"https://myhost/musique"; in the beginnings of the urls instead of
"https://myhost/";. The 'host_rewrite' configuration switch does not seem to
2) The generated playlists don't work because :
    * on files, the playlist is generated with http:// and not https:// in
    * on directories, the link (given by $RECURSE) to get the playlist is
wrong : it does not take neither "/musique" nor https.

I'm running gnump3d v2.9.7 [CVS Info: gnump3d2 1.109 (2005/10/28)] on Debian
(Linux 2.6.12-1-k7 i686 GNU/Linux) while using Apache 2 (Apache/2.0.54
PHP/5.0.5-3 mod_ssl/2.0.54 OpenSSL/0.9.7g).


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Objet : [Gnump3d-users] gnump3d in virtual domain

Hi all. First thanks to all developers for such product.

I would like to pass the MP3 through a virtual domain of an Apache
HTTPD to the public. Therefor I added an entry to Apaches httpd.conf

ServerName www.x.y.z
ProxyPass /mp3/
ProxyPassReverse /mp3/

Now the start page of Gnump3d would be available at


But if you select a menu item of gnump3d you will get an error saying
that, e.g.


is not available. This is correct because the correct virtual domain
would be


Modifying host_rewrite in gnump3d.conf to

host_rewrite = www.x.y.z/mp3/

and add_meta_tag to

add_meta_tag = <base href="http://www.x.y.z/mp3"/>

also doesn't work. The links in gnump3d are always "http://www.x.y.z/random";
"http://www.x.y.z/prefs"; and so on.

Does anybody know how to get the "/mp3/" virtual domain used to create
the links in gnump3d?

Thanks, Lars

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