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Re: [Gnump3d-users] Suggestion: Make it possible to delete files from in

From: Chris Hendrickson
Subject: Re: [Gnump3d-users] Suggestion: Make it possible to delete files from interface
Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2005 15:27:22 -0500
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Actually, I already use a modified the theme as you recommend however,
it obviously requires that the file be folder.jpg while some things
(such as Windows Media Player I believe) use AlbumArt.jpg and other
things use the album name (for when there are multiple albums in the
same directory), others can do per-track images, etc. and thus we would
also require one for AlbumArt.jpg, <AlbumName>.jpg, <TrackName>.jpg,
etc. and whatever other naming variation there may be, (I know that edna
will display any images that are in the directory with the proper
extension, not just folder.jpg, even gifs too)

I guess I'm looking for something similar to what edna does which would
allow the display of multiple images or images other than a single
predetermined name or type. Perhaps a "these filenames/types are to be
considered album art" option could be useful to pass any files in the
directory matching in an $ALBUMART variable. Also, simply including
<name>.jpg does nothing for ID3v2 embedded art (PIC ) which is stored
within the mp3 itself as a jpeg stream (iTunes does this with mp3 files
that it creates). This could also be done if it could pull the raw data
of the (PIC ) ID3v2 tag and then serve it up as something like a
<directory>/id32art.jpg or <directory>/<track>-id32art.jpg and provide a
$ID32ART variable for themes to use or pass it too as part of the
$ALBUMART variable when looking at an individual file's property. (That
of course would require that whatever ID3 routines used can read the
(PIC ) tag.

This would allow even more customization for theme authors and allow
them to easily have the same art options. If you use folder.jpg and
someone else uses AlbumArt.jpg, only one variable in gnump3d.conf would
need to be changed for it to propagate to all themes. In addition,
especially on compilation CD's, each track could have the album art from
their CD of origin (using ID3v2 tags or <filename>.jpg), can have albums
with multiple images (I have some, such as the SimCity 4 soundtrack,
that I downloaded from the EA's SimCity website that have multiple
images including Cover art, back art, inside booklet, CD label, etc.
included), etc. Basically, I'm looking for adding the ability for gnump3
to pass variables with specific information (such as what images are in
the directory, and thus likely associated somehow with the album
displayed, images that are specifically tied to a particular track,
match some sort of list or wildcard (folder.*,AlbumArt.*, *.jpg, *.gif,
*.png, etc.) Possibly configuration options where a user can say "I
always use folder.jpg", "I always use AlbumArt.jpg", etc. and have it
reflect through all of the themes (because instead of modifying each
theme we're just changing what "$ALBUMART variable we are passing, etc.

The directory thumbnail is a nice idea that I'm going to have to give a
try, thanks. :-)

I think the addition of "delete" (or other file management
functionality) is probably better left out of gnump3d for multiple
reasons, many of which have already been mentioned with security issues
being one of the biggest and most important in my book.

Ross Mohn wrote:
> For the record, I'm completely agains adding functionality to "delete"
> or even "mark for deletion". I think that's beyond the scope of this
> excellent, simple, elegant application! I don't want to see us adding
> unnecessary complications.
> On the album art front, this should be in a FAQ somewhere or something!
> Here's what you do if, for example, you're using the Tabular theme:
> 1. open up the index.html file. On my Gentoo system it's
> in /usr/share/gnump3d/Tabular/index.html.
> 2. Go to (about) line 100 and insert this line just before the line
> containing <PLAYLISTS>:
>        <div align="center"><img src="folder.jpg" alt="&nbsp;"></div>
> 3. Save and check it out!
> I also like to see an icon in front of directories, so I have two files
> for each album: folder.jpg and small.jpg. Then I change the
> directory_format line in the /etc/gnump3d/gnump3d.conf file:
> directory_format = <tr><td width="10%"><div align="center">\
> <img src="$LINK/small.jpg" alt="&nbsp;"></div></td><td>\
> <a href="$LINK">$DIR_NAME</a>$NEW</td>\
> <td>$SONG_COUNT</td><td>$DIR_COUNT</td><td>[$RECURSE]</td></tr>
> Enjoy! -RPM

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