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Re: [Gnump3d-users] APE files in gnump3d

From: David Bosque
Subject: Re: [Gnump3d-users] APE files in gnump3d
Date: Mon, 30 Jan 2006 08:43:29 +0100
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I know flac is similar to ape in that it's also lossless. Is the compression any better or the algorithms more efficient? Are there any other advantages that would make me really love flac? ;-)

Thanks for you bit of code :-)


Stan Mulder wrote:

At some point I started having trouble with the APE mac binary. It stopped handling stdout processing for some reason and my piping would no longer work. In disgust I made it a habit of converting all ape file to flac and the problem is solved. Flac is open source. Ape sort of is and sort of isn't. I say go with flac.

The following converts all ape files in the current directory to flac

for i in *.ape
 mac "$i" "$i.wav" -d
 flac -f --delete-input-file "$i.wav"

David Bosque wrote:


This  is  my  first  post  here and want to say that I've really loved
gnump3d from the first moment I installed it :-).

My  question  is  regarding the conversion and streaming of ape files.
I'll  relate  what I've done, and the problem I have found at the very

I've  been  searching  the  list and have found something similar done
with flac files. Here are the steps I have taken:

I have added the following line to /etc/mime.types:

audio/x-ape                                  ape

I have also tried using, to no avail:

audio/mpeg                                   mpga mpega mp2 mp3 m4a ape

I  have  compiled  and  installed  mac-port from sourceforge, found at

Also there's a small tutorial about it at

After that, I have added the following lines to gnump3d.conf

downsample_high_ape = /usr/bin/mac $FILENAME - -d | /usr/bin/lame -b 128 -h --silent - - downsample_medium_ape = /usr/bin/mac $FILENAME - -d | /usr/bin/lame -b 96 -h --silent - - downsample_low_ape = /usr/bin/mac $FILENAME - -d | /usr/bin/lame -b 64 -h --silent - -

Of course, downsampling enabled and working.

I  have checked that the commands for converting the ape files do work
from  a  command  line,  the problem I have now is that gnump3d is not
recognizing  my  .ape files as audio files and, thus, not showing them
as a choice to be played.

I  have  been  playing  with  the  command  "file"  and  modifying the
/etc/magic  file and /usr/share/misc/file/magic.* files so that "file"
would  recognize a ".ape" as an audio file (thinking gnump3d was using
it to identify audio files) and, indeed, I got it to work, but gnump3d
still was not showing my .ape files in any directory.

I  know  I  am  very, very close to getting it working, so I refuse to
give in. Any brilliant ideas? ;-)


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