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Re[2]: [Gnump3d-users] APE files in gnump3d

From: David Bosque
Subject: Re[2]: [Gnump3d-users] APE files in gnump3d
Date: Mon, 30 Jan 2006 21:14:41 +0100

Hi Stan,

   I think you forgot to send your message to the list again ;-). I'll
   forward it again as I think it may be interesting to others.

   I've  made  a  comparison  between  ape  and  flac  at it's maximum
   compression  and  I  got  the same results as you (high compression
   in  flac  does  take  much longer and the winning in size is almost

   I  have around 9gb in ape files now and growing, some day I'll take
   the  time  to  convert it all to flac, but for now I'll leave as it
   is,  as  I  am  not  going  to  see any difference. Thanks for your
   interest, anyway.


Con fecha lunes, 30 de enero de 2006, 16:58:07, escribiste:
> David Bosque wrote:
>> I know flac is similar to ape in that it's also lossless.
> Exactly.

>> Is the compression any better or the algorithms more efficient?
> APE is a bit better with compression, but flac is faster. Here are some
> recent examples I did yesterday converting ape to flac

> song 1:
> ape: 16meg
> flac: 17meg

> song 2:
> ape: 25meg
> flac: 26meg

> song3:
> ape: 29meg
> flac: 30meg

> Pretty close!

> Flac does have higher compression settings too. I just use the default
> setting because it's fast.

>>   Are there any other advantages that would make me really love flac? ;-)
> The program better supports all the main operating systems 
> (win/mac/linux) and source code is available to compile it for others.
> Since its open source there's less a chance of it going away by some big
> company buying it up. The 'f' in flac means 'free.'

> BTW, I meant to share my original message with you via the gnump3d-users
> list because others can benefit, but I forgot to properly address the email.

> Regards,
> Stan

>> Thanks for you bit of code :-)
>> Regards,
>> David
>> Stan Mulder wrote:
>>> At some point I started having trouble with the APE mac binary. It 
>>> stopped handling stdout processing for some reason and my piping 
>>> would no longer work. In disgust I made it a habit of converting all 
>>> ape file to flac and the problem is solved. Flac is open source. Ape 
>>> sort of is and sort of isn't. I say go with flac.
>>> The following converts all ape files in the current directory to flac
>>> #!/bin/bash
>>> for i in *.ape
>>>  do
>>>  mac "$i" "$i.wav" -d
>>>  flac -f --delete-input-file "$i.wav"
>>> done
>>> David Bosque wrote:
>>>> Hello,
>>>> This  is  my  first  post  here and want to say that I've really loved
>>>> gnump3d from the first moment I installed it :-).
>>>> My  question  is  regarding the conversion and streaming of ape files.
>>>> I'll  relate  what I've done, and the problem I have found at the very
>>>> end.
>>>> I've  been  searching  the  list and have found something similar done
>>>> with flac files. Here are the steps I have taken:
>>>> I have added the following line to /etc/mime.types:
>>>> audio/x-ape                                  ape
>>>> I have also tried using, to no avail:
>>>> audio/mpeg                                   mpga mpega mp2 mp3 m4a ape
>>>> I  have  compiled  and  installed  mac-port from sourceforge, found at
>>>> Also there's a small tutorial about it at 
>>>> After that, I have added the following lines to gnump3d.conf
>>>> downsample_high_ape = /usr/bin/mac $FILENAME - -d | /usr/bin/lame -b 
>>>> 128 -h --silent - -
>>>> downsample_medium_ape = /usr/bin/mac $FILENAME - -d | /usr/bin/lame 
>>>> -b 96 -h --silent - -
>>>> downsample_low_ape = /usr/bin/mac $FILENAME - -d | /usr/bin/lame -b 
>>>> 64 -h --silent - -
>>>> Of course, downsampling enabled and working.
>>>> I  have checked that the commands for converting the ape files do work
>>>> from  a  command  line,  the problem I have now is that gnump3d is not
>>>> recognizing  my  .ape files as audio files and, thus, not showing them
>>>> as a choice to be played.
>>>> I  have  been  playing  with  the  command  "file"  and  modifying the
>>>> /etc/magic  file and /usr/share/misc/file/magic.* files so that "file"
>>>> would  recognize a ".ape" as an audio file (thinking gnump3d was using
>>>> it to identify audio files) and, indeed, I got it to work, but gnump3d
>>>> still was not showing my .ape files in any directory.
>>>> I  know  I  am  very, very close to getting it working, so I refuse to
>>>> give in. Any brilliant ideas? ;-)
>>>> Regards,
>>>> David
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