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[Gnump3d-users] 2 bug fixes and a new Liner Notes feature

From: Ross Mohn
Subject: [Gnump3d-users] 2 bug fixes and a new Liner Notes feature
Date: Sun, 29 Apr 2007 21:24:38 -0400

I know that Steve has published his final version, and I don't expect him to apply these changes. Steve has done a fantastic job on this software and I heartily thank him for all his efforts! When (and if) he puts out a 3.0 based on SQLite or whatever he ends up with, I have no doubt that it will be wonderful and worth using!

Having said that, I have 2 bug fixes and a new Liner Notes feature to offer the community. If Steve decides to publish a v2.10 and add these in, great! If not, you can get all the info about them at .

One bug fix is pretty serious (at least for me) and points out an obvious flaw in a patch I myself submitted a long time ago! My original patch prevented people from surfing directly to one of your GNUMP3d subdirectories and bypassing the password protection feature. Somewhere along the line it stopped working because my patch was no good. You can easily patch it by hand by searching in /usr/bin/gnump3d for the following around line #3030:

    while ( $directory ne $ROOT )

and replacing it with this corrected line:

    while ( $directory =~ /^$ROOT/ )

The other bug fix is very minor and has to do with the "info" links. Just make sure that your "file_format" definition in your gnump3d.conf file has a frontslash '/' between '/info' and '$PLAINLINK'.

My new Liner Notes feature was motivated by wanting an easy way to include liner notes, multiple images, and links to performer/composer websites. I've made it very easy to add any arbitrary text and HTML code specific to each individual subdirectory. You can get the patch and more details here at .

Thanks! -Ross

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