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Re: [Gnump3d-users] Re: Windows Configuration (can't figure out the slas

From: Jim Lucas
Subject: Re: [Gnump3d-users] Re: Windows Configuration (can't figure out the slashes)
Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2007 21:10:29 -0700
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Brian Shepard wrote:
I hope someone might have some insight on this.  I'll include an example of
what I'm talking about from GNUMP3d 2.9 final's default file:

root               = C:/mp3
logfile            = C:/gnump3d2/logs/access.log
errorlog           = C:/gnump3d2/logs/error.log
stats_program      = C:\gnump3d2\bin\gnump3d-top.bat
index_program      = C:\gnump3d2\bin\gnump3d-index.bat
template_directory = C:/gnump3d2/templates
theme_directory    = C:/gnump3d2/templates
theme_dir          = c:\gnump3d2\templates
plugin_directory   = C:/gnump3d2/lib/gnump3d/plugins
mime_file          = C:/gnump3d2/etc/mime.types
file_types         = C:/gnump3d2/etc/file.types
now_playing_dir    = C:/gnump3d2/logs/serving
tag_cache          = C:/gnump3d2/logs/tag.cache
lockfile           = C:/gnump3d2/lock.tmp
plugin_directory   = C:/gnump3d2/lib/gnump3d/plugins
now_playing_path   = c:\gnump3d2\logs\serving
tag_cache          = C:/gnump3d2/logs/tag.cache

Are the forward slash and back slash used interchangeably?  Is there some
sort of reason why one is used in a certain case?  If I revert back to the
default file, I have to use K:/music as opposed to K:\music as my
root directory or Firefox cannot open any subdirectories.  What's the deal?


On 6/11/07, Brian Shepard <address@hidden> wrote:

I had GNUMP3d working beautifully under Ubuntu, but I switched my HTPC to
Windows and want to retain my music server. Unfortunately, I can't get all
the features set up correctly.  There seems to be a lot of issues with
forward slash "/" and back slash "\" and when to use which one. Plus there is so much more redundancy under Windows, under linux I only had to change the conf. I got it installed correctly and a lot of trial and error got the server working but without random selections and "new" never went away, even
though it was set to 7 days.  Does anyone have some configuration tips;
which slash to use where and which files need editing? This is the missing
link to my HTPC and I want my GNUMP3d back.  I appreciate it.



Gnump3d-users mailing list
To give you a little more info.

\n = new line
\t = tab
\r = carriage return

These are all special characters when you are talking about a string

in some cases, a '\' before any char will escape the char. So, what you end up with is this

index_program      = C:\gnump3d2\bin\gnump3d-index.bat
will be this
index_program      = C:\gnump3d2\bin\gnump3d-index.bat

index_program      = C:\\gnump3d2\\bin\\gnump3d-index.bat
will be this
index_program      = C:\gnump3d2\bin\gnump3d-index.bat

but this
index_program      = C:/gnump3d2/bin/gnump3d-index.bat
equates to this
index_program      = C:\gnump3d2\bin\gnump3d-index.bat

Hope this explains it a little better

Jim Lucas

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