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Re: [Gnump3d-users] Re: Windows Configuration (can't figure out the slas

From: Aaron Brown
Subject: Re: [Gnump3d-users] Re: Windows Configuration (can't figure out the slashes)
Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2007 09:29:33 -0500
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I haven't run gnump3d on Windows, but I know it's written in perl for linux, and I know from having written perl programs for Windows in the past that, long story short, you should be able to use forward slashes as directory separators.

Windows uses backslash ( \ ) as the directory separator, but this is used as a special character in every other operating system on earth, and in every iterative programming language I've ever seen (including Windows ones).

To make things easier, Windows perl allows you to use forward slash as the directory separator on Windows, primarily to make perl programs more easily portable between systems. It does an internal translation whenever the program runs so you don't have to worry about it. Web browsers also do the same internal conversion. If you use Firefox and do a File... Open command to open up a jpeg in your web browser, look at the URL in the address bar, and you'll see forward slashes there, too.

Your best bet is to use forward slashes for every directory path. Another thing that may be necessary (again, I've never run gnump3d on Windows) is to put " " around any path name that has a space in it. Spaces have a weird history in computer filesystems, so it's usually safest to put quotes around any directory or filename that has a space anywhere in it. Like so:
some_directory = "C:/media/My Music"

Hope this helps,

 - Aaron

Brian Shepard wrote:
I hope someone might have some insight on this. I'll include an example of what I'm talking about from GNUMP3d 2.9 final's default <> file:

root               = C:/mp3
logfile            = C:/gnump3d2/logs/access.log
errorlog           = C:/gnump3d2/logs/error.log
stats_program      = C:\gnump3d2\bin\gnump3d-top.bat
index_program      = C:\gnump3d2\bin\gnump3d-index.bat
template_directory = C:/gnump3d2/templates
theme_directory    = C:/gnump3d2/templates
theme_dir          = c:\gnump3d2\templates
plugin_directory   = C:/gnump3d2/lib/gnump3d/plugins
mime_file          = C:/gnump3d2/etc/mime.types
file_types         = C:/gnump3d2/etc/file.types
now_playing_dir    = C:/gnump3d2/logs/serving
tag_cache          = C:/gnump3d2/logs/tag.cache
lockfile           = C:/gnump3d2/lock.tmp
plugin_directory   = C:/gnump3d2/lib/gnump3d/plugins
now_playing_path   = c:\gnump3d2\logs\serving
tag_cache          = C:/gnump3d2/logs/tag.cache

Are the forward slash and back slash used interchangeably? Is there some sort of reason why one is used in a certain case? If I revert back to the default file, I have to use K:/music as opposed to K:\music as my root directory or Firefox cannot open any subdirectories. What's the deal?


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