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[Gnump3d-users] Questions about web browser audio streaming.

From: Me Myself and I
Subject: [Gnump3d-users] Questions about web browser audio streaming.
Date: Thu, 5 May 2011 17:28:34 +1030

Hello, there, all gnuMP3d  officinandos!

I have the following related questions to the linux, webserving version of your program.

-does gnuMP3d indeed offer streaming of live audio from a microphone
 to, say, Windows media player via a tcp/ip network or the internet?
 By live streaming, I do intend to ask about live sound, and not prerecorded files?

-May the gnuMP3d  be used to stream sound via a webpage, being transmitted via
apache,tomcat or JBoss 5 application server? Via similar HTML code in the page:

<!-- ***************************************************************-->
<embed src='' autoStart='true' loop='true' width='0' height='0' type='audio/mpeg'/>
<!-- ***************************************************************-->

-How can I set this up, where may I find a simple "getting up and running" tutorial for gnuMP3d?

-Is this a program independent of the apache/tomcat webservers?
 Does a gnuMP3d plugin version exist that can be added as a module to apache/tomcat webservers?
-Could I be pointed in the right direction for [Tomcat/Apache/JBoss AS] plugins to acheive my first and second question aims?

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