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[GNUnet-developers] Re: [Help-gnunet] Major problems on RH7.2

From: Christian Grothoff
Subject: [GNUnet-developers] Re: [Help-gnunet] Major problems on RH7.2
Date: Tue, 23 Apr 2002 13:25:11 -0500

On Tuesday 23 April 2002 11:20 am, you wrote:
> No, it wasn't that, sorry. I've experimented a bit now, and
> its clear that the problem appears on both hosts. I didn't
> notice that at first, because I didn't try to use exactly
> same files, and the problem is related to file size: file
> of 28kb inserts and returns correctly, but files of 100kb
> don't come back, but give
> Invalid packet for Inode-Node at position 0 (hash .,..
> flood instead. My rough guess is that the tree stuff is
> somehow broken (I remember reading you have a tree struct)
> and the problem appears after a certain filesize. I didn't
> try to track the exact boundary, though.
> Of course this might be system dependent. Anyone else
> seen anything similar? If not, any debugging hints?

Sounds like a bug that we had (fixed) before, maybe it has re-surfaced. 
I have added your description to our bugtracking system (#211) and will
look into it asap (= in about a week I fear :-). This sounds really like
a bug in our code.

> And another issue. if I insert a file, I can't find it
> with gnunet-search until i've shut down gnunetd and
> restarted it ... this might be related?

No, that's normal. gnunetd scans for new content on startup (and if I'm not 
mistaken since recently also periodically, but for that you would have to 
wait quite a while). There is currently no 'notification' that gnunet-insert 
could do to tell gnunetd that there is new stuff available. Call it a known 
bug or a missing feature :-)

> btw, today is the first time that content has actually arrived
> at my node from outside. ;) Remote hosts are even gaining
> credit. Promising. Yesterday there was 300megs udp traffic but
> not a single file appeared to content/ dir, nor did
> anyone get any credit.

300 megs!? All GNUnet? Astonishing. Looks like we should *really* get to fix 
those tuneing parameters to keep that under control :-]

> > Eh, not quite. I just accidentially killed the script that generates the
> > hosts.tar.gz-tarball. There have been over 270 hosts online so far, and
> > even usually a couple at a time recently. Check out
> > to see the last time at which a
> > host was seen online...
> Yes, I found that after a while... a direct href-link to
> that dir could help. ;)

Well, it is supposed to be tar-ed and assembled into hosts.tar.gz every 

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