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[GNUnet-developers] gnunet-gtk bug (was Re: Namespaces / GNML)

From: Tom Barnes-Lawrence
Subject: [GNUnet-developers] gnunet-gtk bug (was Re: Namespaces / GNML)
Date: Mon, 20 Jan 2003 03:23:57 +0000
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 I'm putting this bit into a separate thread, because it is a
totally separate issue.

On Sun, Jan 19, 2003 at 03:16:04PM +0200, Igor Wronsky wrote:
> On Sun, 19 Jan 2003, Tom Barnes-Lawrence wrote:
> >  Programs such as gnunet-gtk (which is still buggy, btw),
> Oh, really? ;) And where's the detailed bug report, or a
> patch, even? :(
  Fair point. It segfaults. When? Not sure, seems to be whenever I
start a search, or maybe when I look at it, or when I breathe. It
seemed easier to give up trying to use it and just use the
command-line tools instead. I'll try to look again tonight and
see if I can clarify when the segfaults occur.

 I figured as the changelog had mentioned fixing the program, maybe
it was just me, or it was a fix to some other bug in it and that
this bug was known about. Sorry. I hadn't felt capable of tracking
down the bug from the source, although it occurred to me today
that I'd recently found instructions on how to use a debugger (gosh,
how sophisticated), so I tried running gnunet-gtk under gdb. It
complains about some odd signal, which I take to be something to
do with using threads. It seems to make it impossible (to me).
 Afterthought: gdb failing with it could be to do with not being
connected/not running gnunetd right now, but that didn't apply
when the program was segfaulting.

 SO: It seems unlikely I can do much further with finding this at
the moment, as I say, I don't even know if it's only me that gets
this bug. If anybody else has anything to add that might help me
figure it out, I'll be happy to try to figure it out, but I'm
probably not going to manage otherwise.

 On similar but different lines, I had thought about starting a new GUI
client, using a different widget set, such as WINGs (comes with Window-
Maker), which is quite small yet attractive. But *that* is even less
well documented than GTK, and even less portable! And I wouldn't really
know where to start. Meh.

Tom Barnes-Lawrence

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