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[GNUnet-developers] Breaking CVS

From: Igor Wronsky
Subject: [GNUnet-developers] Breaking CVS
Date: Sat, 22 Mar 2003 17:03:25 +0200 (EET)

Ok, I've proceeded in my database interface change to the
point where its soon time to break the CVS. ;) I couldn't
muster enough will to fix all of the database modules myself,
so we'll do it in the way that I try to keep the mysql
part operational and Christian will eventually fix
the three others, perhaps I'll lend a helping hand, depends
on how energetic I'll feel.

So gdbm/tdb/directory will not be working for atleast
a couple of days, maybe for longer. If you want your gnunetd
operational, stick to 0.5.2a for now.

The interface change itself has progressed to a state
where it looks a bit messy but MySQL db already works. Or
insert,index,search and download work when using it. I'm not
exactly sure if the 3HASH->2HASH mapping works, is there a
good way to test this, or would the code complain if its not

I'll commit this junk today or tomorrow if its ok to you
(private mails like 'yay! destruction! mayhem!' are ok).

After my mods, there's the following free-for-all

TODO: Change tdb,gdbm,directory to follow the new interface
      Beautify/restructure everything where required
      Test that everything works. Especially test:
        selectRandomContent() relying activeMigration
        that deleteContent() frees up space
      Fix gnunet-check (needed only for gdbm/tdb/dir)
      Fix broken lowImportance issues in manager.c
        (perhaps we should be able to query for the lowest
        importance from the lowlevel db, or the db could
        return the highest-deleted when deleting content)

It also appears that with MySQL we can't just register a
SpaceMonitor for some file. We'd need something that
queries the lowlevel database for the space it uses instead.


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