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RE: [GNUnet-developers] On the database issue

From: Jan Marco Alkema
Subject: RE: [GNUnet-developers] On the database issue
Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2003 17:39:01 -0800

Hello Niklas,

I see a tendency that professional database 'procedures' are programmed in
open source databases like MySQL. For instance "Row level locking" is in DB2
for a long time ( ).

Row level locking is programmed in MySQL in version 4 see also

If I look to SQLite ( ) I see that
SQLite might not be good for multiple user systems and the database also
appears to be significantly faster if your transactions are coarse.

IBM has ported MySQL to Mainframe. The only reason why IBM has ported this
is that the market has asked for it. IBM is very commercial based.

MySQL Database Available on IBM eServer zSeries:

13 Jan 2003

Leading Open Source Database Strengthens Offerings for IBM Platforms with
Linux for the Mainframe and Enhanced AIX Support

SEATTLE, WA - (January 13, 2003) - MySQL AB, developer of the world's most
popular open source database, today announced that the MySQL(tm) database is
available on IBM eServer zSeries running Linux. With MySQL for Linux on
zSeries, developers can create MySQL-based applications for the IBM
mainframe, a family of powerful enterprise servers designed for secure,
heavy-load e-business and enterprise applications. MySQL also announced
enhanced support for IBM's AIX operating system.

"The thousands of e-businesses that rely on IBM's mainframe can now leverage
MySQL's performance and stability to build powerful, yet affordable,
database applications," said Michael Widenius, MySQL CTO and co-founder.
"IBM eServer zSeries is industrial strength and provides an excellent
platform for MySQL developers to scale up, as necessary. Linux on zSeries is
now part of the extensive list of open source and proprietary platforms
supported by the MySQL database."

IBM eServer zSeries is designed to manage the high-performance data and
transaction requirements of next generation e-business. The mainframe offers
an affordable, manageable infrastructure that can handle almost any growth
requirements, in a stable, highly secure environment.

The MySQL database server embodies a unique software architecture that
maximizes performance and stability. Extensive re-use of pieces of code
within the software and a streamlined, but functionally-rich, feature set
have resulted in a database management system with speed, reliability, power
and ease of deployment. Linux on zSeries adds to the wide range of platforms
supported by MySQL, including all major Linux distributions as well as Unix,
Mac OS X and Windows operating systems.

"IBM eServer zSeries for Linux is designed to allow businesses to
consolidate server farms, delivering lower total cost of ownership, easier
managability and flexibility," said Susan Dekeukelaere, IBM Program Director
Linux Marketing. "With today's announcement, MySQL for Linux will now enable
developers to take advantage of the benefits of the mainframe, allowing them
to achieve server consolidation, with a low cost, open source database."
Enhanced AIX Support

While MySQL has been available on IBM's AIX operating system, MySQL AB has
recently enhanced its support for AIX. "We have now added AIX to the list of
native, fully supported platforms for which we can offer our 24-hour support
options," noted Widenius.

Availability MySQL for Linux on IBM eServer zSeries and for the IBM AIX
operating system are now available for download at

MySQL AB will be showcasing the MySQL database on a zSeries server at the
LinuxWorld Conference & Expo in New York, January 22-24, at the IBM booth.
About MySQL

MySQL AB develops, markets and supports the MySQL database server, the
world's most popular open source database. With an estimated 4 million
installations and 27,000 downloads per day, MySQL quickly becoming the core
of many high-volume, business-critical applications. Major corporations such
as Yahoo!, Lucent Technologies, Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment,
Motorola, NASA, Silicon Graphics, HP, Xerox and Cisco rely on the
ultra-fast, highly-reliable MySQL database. MySQL is available under the
free software/open source GNU General Public License (GPL) or a non-GPL
commercial license. For more information about MySQL, please go to

Greetings Jan Marco

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