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RE: [GNUnet-developers] Databases benchmark and problem

From: Jan Marco Alkema
Subject: RE: [GNUnet-developers] Databases benchmark and problem
Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2003 08:29:54 -0700

Hello Eric,

I am not familiar with GDBM. But speed is related to the use of indexes. If
a database system don't use indexes then the speed will be very related to
the size of the database.

Uses GDBM indexes? How can I add an index in GDBM?

If I want to create an index in MySQL I give the next command for example:
CREATE INDEX idx_catalog ON catalog (FileSize, MD5);

If you want to benchmark databases then the breakdown in main database size
and index size seems to me a good suggestion.

Maybe GDBM uses 2 indexes and MySQL 1. If you have more indexes on different
attributes then you have more if you want to search in a different way,

Greetings Jan Marco

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Onderwerp: [GNUnet-developers] Databases benchmark and problem


I've just made some tests with the five database types of GNUnet. This
results have been made with a 100Mo file (with random content) that have
been inserted in the database. Here is the results :

- MySQL :
   Upload Speed : 400 ko/s
   Download Speed : 300 ko/s
   Space used : 113 Mo.

- GDBM :
   Upload Speed : 500 ko/s
   Download Speed : 400 ko/s
   Space used : 148 Mo.

- TDB :
   Upload Speed : 27 ko/s
   Download Speed : 12 ko/s
   Space used : 118 Mo.

- BDB :
   Upload Speed : 340 ko/s
   Download Speed : 260 ko/s
   Space used : 435 Mo (DISKQUOTA=300 !!).

   Upload Speed : 100 ko/s
   Download Speed : 300 ko/s
   Space used : 450 Mo (DISKQUOTA=300 !!).

While benchmarking, I had some problem with local file download. With most
of the database types (except TDB) the download drops down at the beginning
and at the end. I have to restart the download a few times to continue.

As you can see, TDB is very slow and BDB uses lots of place (not as much as
DIRECTORY). So, for the moment MySQL and GDBM are the most powerfull

I found another thing interesting. When inserting content, the "DISKQUOTA"
that is specified has no importance. You can, then, use lots of space.
GNUnet should stop the insertion and say that there is no more space left.


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