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[GNUnet-developers] GUID

From: Jan Marco Alkema
Subject: [GNUnet-developers] GUID
Date: Mon, 21 Apr 2003 19:59:47 -0700

Hello Christian,

Richard has succeeded to make a initial ripper of the dutch telephone book
2003 ---)

I will have more than 6.500.000 records.

To get a GUID (global Unique identifier) I can make an unique hash by

HASH("lastName", "firstName", "infix", "titleAfterName", "titleBeforeName",
"titleAfterInitials", "streetName", "streetNameExtension", "houseNumber",
"houseNumberExtension", "zipCode", "city", "province", "residence");

N.B. I don't want to much changeable things in the hash like phone numbers,
ip number, dsn host names, email-addresses, etc.

I think of the implementation: HASH(x) = hash_160(x) + MD5(x) + CRC32(x) =>
20 bytes + 16 bytes + 4 bytes = 40 bytes.

Christian, How can I implement a GUID in the gnunet concept?

N.B. I don't want that this GUID is transmit every x seconds, only if the
gnunet server on the other side asks for the GUID!

Greetings Jan Marco

P.S. If someone has better ideas please let me know ---)

Appendix Three different initial record types:
  private AddressBookRecord fillAddressBookRecord()
        AddressBookRecord addressBookRecord = null;

        MemoLine memo[] = new MemoLine[1];
        memo[0] = new MemoLine();
        memo[0].addMemoRecord(new MemoRecord(5, "Dit is een tekst
        addressBookRecord = new AddressBookRecord(1, "lastName",
"firstName", "infix", "streetName", "houseNumber", "title", "zipCode",
"city", "province", "phoneNumber", "mobileNumber", "buzzerNumber",
"faxNumber", "phoneNumberBusiness", "faxNumberBusiness", "email",
"webAddress", "feature", "infoType", "logoFileName", "advert", true, false,

        return addressBookRecord;

    private PersonRecord fillPersonRecord()
        PersonRecord personRecord = null;

        MemoLine memo3[] = new MemoLine[1];
        memo3[0] = new MemoLine();
        memo3[0].addMemoRecord(new MemoRecord(5, "Dit is een tekst

        personRecord = new PersonRecord(1, "lastName", "firstName", "infix",
"titleAfterName", "titleBeforeName", "titleAfterInitials", "fullName",
"streetName", "streetNameExtension", "houseNumber", "houseNumberExtension",
"residence", "zipCode", "city", "areaCode", "subscriberNumber",
"extraFaxNumber", "extraWebAddress", "extraEmailAddress", "infoType",
"logoFileName", "advert", true, false, memo3);

        return personRecord;

    private CompanyRecord fillCompanyRecord()
        CompanyRecord companyRecord = null;

        MemoLine memo2[] = new MemoLine[1];
        memo2[0] = new MemoLine();
        memo2[0].addMemoRecord(new MemoRecord(5, "Dit is een tekst

        companyRecord = new CompanyRecord(1, "fullName", "streetName",
"streetNameExtension", "houseNumber", "houseNumberExtension", "residence",
"zipCode", "city", "areaCode", "subscriberNumber", "s10", "s11", "s12",
"s13", "s14", "s15", true, false, memo2);

        return companyRecord;

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