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[GNUnet-developers] Freenet

From: Jan Marco Alkema
Subject: [GNUnet-developers] Freenet
Date: Fri, 2 May 2003 16:22:15 -0700

Hello Christian,

I have installed freenet on my Linux server.

Freenet is build in Java. It uses at least 2 tcp/ip ports.
One to the other Freenet servers on the Internet and one port is the http
gateway to the local freenet server.

I think java is very good for building a GUI. Only freenet uses java for the
core engine + http gateway.

I assume that C is much better to program the core engine and http gateway.
I don't think it will be difficult to port the freenet http gateway to
gnunet --)

If I look to gnunet in relation to freenet (java program with PID 1345):
Gnunet uses less mem and CPU cycles ---)

 1345 root      35  10 61832  57M  3428 S N  11.2 23.1   2:05 java
 2028 root      15   0   956  916   664 R     3.2  0.3   1:28 top
 1035 mysql     15   0 26760  10M  6964 S     2.5  4.1   0:58 mysqld
 2000 root      15   0  4600 4304  1556 S     0.3  1.6   0:22 gnunetd

I think that a very good potential will be (gnunetd + MySQL + java GUI).

I know that the use of mem will be about the same as with freenet (1.6 + 4.1
+ 14.1 = 19.8  % mem utilization "gnunet"; 2.5 + 0.3 + 2.1 = 4.9 % CPU
utilization "gnunet"), but you will have much more for the same amount of

root      1345 17.8 23.5 246940 60072 ?      SN   12:32   1:25 java
root      2589  2.1 14.1 218724 36080 pts/5  S    14:43   0:04 java

I will zoom in Freenet:

I have inserted one file of 386 bytes in Freenet. The inserting process took
6 minutes (----.

I tried to insert more files, but I get the next error:

"The Insert Request failed -> Reason: Request failed gracefully: Key
collision: the key freenet:KSK@ is already present on Freenet"

If I look to my mother or brother I don't think they understand how it
works. The value for them will be as close to nothing.

I have 'little' more computer experience. To retrieve the inserted file I
must type in some "requested Key".

I put the file in gnunet also, to get the hash160 code. But if in put in the
hash160 code in Freenet then I get the next error "Freenet Keys begin with
KSK@, SSK@, CHK@ or address@hidden".

In Freenet there are some things I like:

1) "General information" (Node version, Protocol version, Build number,
etc.). Could be integrated with "Environment" (Architecture, Mem, disk
space, disk space used, etc).

2) "Openconnection manager" (peer addr, send count, messages, ID, etc.).

3) "Network load" (Queries per hour, Node finger print).

4) "Node status Interface" (all kinds of statistics).

5) "Recent logs" (time, message, exception). N.B. I think this should be in
a database, for analyses and remote support.

6) "Pending tasks" (time, event). N.B. I think this is very important. It
could be used for much more, such as compilation jobs, etc.

7) "Failure table" (key, age, last hit). Maybe it can be integrated with
"Recent logs".

Things which can be improved in current Freenet program:

1) Simple searching facilities like Kazaa.

2) Configuration items which must be given at start up. I think these items
should be in a database and be updated in de http gateway.

3) I see a lot of "end user" messages in all parts of the code. Better put
them in a database.

4) I haven't seen a good database program (mysql, postgress, db2, etc) in
the Freenet (client) program.

5) Don't insert the files in the system, only the footprints of files should
be used ---)

6) Use C for the Freenet core engine.

Greetings Jan Marco

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