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RE: [GNUnet-developers] slocate

From: jan marco alkema
Subject: RE: [GNUnet-developers] slocate
Date: Sun, 10 Aug 2003 20:57:05 +0200

Hello Niklas, Christian,

Thank you for your feedback ---)

Niklas, I can see in your feedback that you have experience with file
sharing systems --)

>This should probably be built as a separate application on top of gnunet,
ftp, gnutella, ...

In my opinion the applications gnunet, ftp, gnutella should use the same
MySQL database structure. I prefer that the projects make and maintain the
database interface to this structure. The database structure should be some
kind of rfc???? document.

>I agree that the speed is a problem, but as you say maybe it can be

I see in the Gnunet documentation a lot of formulas. I like to have some
breakdown in speed bottlenecks of the AFS protocol.

>The problem with protocols like FTP is that when things get overloaded it
doesn't work any longer, while in gnunet the file would be propagated to
other nodes automatically. This could make gnunet faster than FTP.

If a gnunet node gets overloaded you maybe also have a problem. If this node
is a single source all packets must be put on Internet. If 1 block is
missing you haven’t the complete file.

>Just look at what happens in gnutella when many people try to download a
popular file from a single source.

This problem is the “same” as with the distribution of new releases. They
copy the distribution to multiple (“mirrors”) computers.

In your example. You want to download a file from "A". The singe source "A"
should copy it to other computers ("B", "C", "D", etc). You must be rerouted
to computer "C" for the real ftp download.

>You have to wait for days before the download even starts.

If you use money as a coordination means, you can bit on it, to have the
file before others who doesn’t want to pay for it --)

>I absolutely agree with this point: for most files that people will want to
share, AFS is the wrong choice since the cost of anonymity is just not worth
it. And in fact, I hope to extend GNUnet in the future with an option where
you can choose for both receiving and sharing files if you want to be
anonymous or not. There is actually a Mantis bug which naturally leads to
this: it should be possible to specify the level of anonymity for each
shared file. Naturally, a plausible choice could be "not anonymous at all",
in which case GNUnet should switch to a more efficient routing mechanism.
The same applies for searching and downloading.

Perfect ---)

>But, again, this is a bit further down the road, don't expect this to
happen this year :-).

In “The Linux world” projects work together (against Microsoft for example).
If all the different project work together this could be realized a lot
faster then probably next year ---)

Greetings Jan Marco

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