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[GNUnet-developers] /etc/gnunet.conf and ~/.gnunet/gnunet.conf

From: Michael Shuey
Subject: [GNUnet-developers] /etc/gnunet.conf and ~/.gnunet/gnunet.conf
Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2003 13:34:36 -0500
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I'd like to have both a /etc/gnunet.conf and a ~/.gnunet/gnunet.conf - a 
complete config in /etc for machine-wide defaults (for networking and such) 
and a few overrides in users' homedirs for one or two variables (like 
GNUNET_HOME and the preferred nick for gnunet-chat).  Unfortunately, right 
now it looks like if I have a ~/.gnunet/gnunet.conf it must be complete 
(meaning I can't get defaults for most things from /etc/gnunet.conf).  If I 
leave out any variables I get an error.

Is what I want currently possible, and I'm just missing something?  Or does 
gnunet rely on the last config file read to provide a complete 
configuration?  If so, is it worth my time to whip up a patch to do what I 
want or has this already changed in CVS?

Mike Shuey

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