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RE: [GNUnet-developers] gnucleus/gnunet

From: jan marco alkema
Subject: RE: [GNUnet-developers] gnucleus/gnunet
Date: Fri, 9 Apr 2004 09:03:58 +0200

Hello Marcos,

What I like of Gnucleus:
1)      The installation procedure. Next, next, next,., finish. It takes only a
few minutes ---)
2)      In start -> programs -> Gnucleus: are the following topics: "Gnucleus
Home Page", "Gnucleus Forums", "Gnucleus" and "Uninstall Gnucleus".
3)      I find the pull down menu very good. Look at the "Statistics". Very easy
to click some log information on/off.
4)      There is a chat/browser build in.
5)      The browser-, Connection-, ect. Windows are separate windows in the
screen window.
6)      They have "ultrapeers".
7)      In menu item Tools is a "scheduler". N.B. In my view the scheduler is 
simple, but.

Hybride means: You have in the "Tools -> Statistics" window, field "Network"
besides "Gnutella" and "G2" also "Gnunet".

How can you make a hybride system?

In my view is that you have one client like "Gnucleus". The client gets the
(Gnutella, G2, Gnunet) information out of the (MySQL) databases.

All the files/namespaces are also in the databases. You can give every
file/namespace a classification like "anonymous", "private" and "public".
Depending on these classifications different programs (with degree of
authorizations) should be used (automatically). If you look at Gnucleus has not
programmed these classification properly.

Greetings Jan Marco

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