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Re: [GNUnet-developers] Questions about GNUnet

From: Christian Grothoff
Subject: Re: [GNUnet-developers] Questions about GNUnet
Date: Sun, 5 Dec 2004 15:20:41 -0500
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On Saturday 04 December 2004 18:25, Benjamin Paul Kay wrote:
> It is my understanding that GNUnet supports UDP (a feature I personally
> find worthwile) but does not rely upon it. For example, if a firewall
> were to block all UDP, GNUnet could still function fine using its TCP
> transport module.


> GNUnet can already use SMTP, although I confess I've never tried it. I
> don't know whether or not HTTP or FTP transport modules are in the
> works.

HTTP is implemented but it may not exactly conform to HTTP and it has not been 
tested extensively.  FTP could be done, but there is no code and I have no 
current plans to do it (volunteers welcome).

> Something to put payloads on ICMP packets would be kinda nifty 
> too. I suggest reading this portion of the documentation:



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