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Re: [GNUnet-developers] Tab issue and old tabs patch

From: Christian Grothoff
Subject: Re: [GNUnet-developers] Tab issue and old tabs patch
Date: Sun, 17 Jul 2005 19:23:52 -0500
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On Saturday 16 July 2005 02:32 am, Milan wrote:
> Christian wrote on the drupal page :
> >In the gnunet-gtk, if you click on the "File sharing" tab right after
> >startup, prior to clicking on any other tab in the notebook, it will
> >not work. Even multiple clicks are ignored. However, if you first
> >select the "General" tab and then the "File-sharing" tab, it works.
> >also, comparing the two tabs in glade-2 (use 2.10!) shows no difference
> >in the markup. What is going on!?
> Why don't you use the little patch I suggested to make look cleaner the
> tabs ? (see

Well, I did use most of the patch :-).  I did not like adding C code to make 
the menu work, and the way I did it avoids the need for code.  Also note that 
using code for the menu would greatly conflict with the new plugin 

> With it, I don't have this issue. That's another advantage. Also, I
> think it looks better because the main goal was to make the GUI simpler,
> i.e. not to have many lines, many levels of tabs... 

AFAIK, the GUIs looked pretty much identical to me (your patch vs. what is 
there now).  If not, I would not mind if you would find a way to polish the 
glade file even more.  :-).

> The icons are cool, 
> but the main tabs are really ugly because they include other tabs. I can
> understand that you don't want to add unnecessary code, but it's not so
> many lines, they don't interfere with another code, and a GUI should
> care about little smart details.

Well, they do interfer with other code in the new design, sorry.

> This would be better than searching the issue for hours.

I just hacked up a 3-line workaround that solves the issue, btw.  The problem 
is, that I hate workarounds :-).  Anyway, I am now quite convinced that this 
is some odd GTK bug.  


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