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Re: [GNUnet-developers] Ideas and questions

From: Christian Grothoff
Subject: Re: [GNUnet-developers] Ideas and questions
Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2008 19:54:57 -0700
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On Wednesday 13 February 2008, Milan wrote:
> Several points I wished to ask you about:
> * Canonical's Launchpad ( has an easy-to-use tool to
> translate free software. Users can propose and/or validate translations
> using a nice Web interface, and this is quite easy for them to do even
> when they don't know how to work with .po files. Do you think we should
> use it? I can have a look at how this is done and create an account for
> that, it could bring us a broader language support.

I think that the translation project (which does work with po files) is a 
reasonable place and that we should point people who want to help with 
translations to them.  We certainly should avoid submitting to two 
organizations, and PO-support is essential.

> * In gnunet-gtk/pixmaps/icons, there is a script called
> icon-theme-installer that should process the 5 icons placed there and
> install them to standard system icon dirs. It only needs a short
> directive in the and a line in the root to
> include it. I'm really bad a these, and I filed to do this easy trick.
> Would someone that understands something to autotools simply have a look
> at the detailed instructions (with an example in the header
> of the script and adapt the few strings that should?

I think I got it to work, but I'm not sure how to validate (the script runs).  
Have a look at SVN 6291.  What you had mostly had issues with whitespaces.

> This would help packagers because ATM they all have to do the same thing
> with tricks, and our icon is only installed in one size, an not in
> standard system dirs. With that gnunet-gtk is even reading for eye-candy
> taskbars! gnunet-qt should be able to use it without any modification
> since it's a standard.
> * When is 0.8 to be released? I see there is nice (and hard) work going
> on, and my idea is not to complain about anything... ;-) I'd just like
> to have an idea about whether we can try to get it into Fedora 9 and
> Ubuntu 8.04, which are due on april (respectively beginning and end).

Well, in general, "when it is ready" ;-).  I usually ask opinions of people 
hanging out on #gnunet about their opinion on how release-ready we are. 

> This is important because else the network will be partly broken for the
> next 6 month. For Ubuntu, I can try to make it come in by warning the
> Debian packagers and request a sync in Ubuntu before the complete
> package freeze: this should not be a big problem since gnunet is a beta
> software used by users that know what they do.
> So if you think this fits your timeline, I'll try to see what can be
> done - else, people will use backports, that's not the end of the world...

Certainly this is some good incentive to try.  


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