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[GNUnet-developers] Wrong commit by nevans in gnunet-gtk

From: Milan
Subject: [GNUnet-developers] Wrong commit by nevans in gnunet-gtk
Date: Sat, 08 Mar 2008 16:11:42 +0100
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I just noticed is telling again "Welcome to gnunet-gtk
0.7.3" instead of 0.8pre0. There's been a strange commit 6538 by Nathan
Evans on 03-06 which did not appear in gnunet-svn mailing list, and
changed many many parts of the glade file. I believe this was just a
mistake - maybe Nathan used a previous revision of the file.

You can see the changes typing:
$ svn -c6538 diff

Nathan, could you find what precise changes you wanted to apply and
revert the .glade file? I was wanting to tweak a few details, and I'd
like to avoid adding to this mess. ;-)

Thanks - and 0.8 will really be rocking!

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