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Re: [GNUnet-developers] Various gnunet-gtk issues

From: Milan Bouchet-Valat
Subject: Re: [GNUnet-developers] Various gnunet-gtk issues
Date: Mon, 09 Jun 2008 19:56:09 +0200

Le lundi 09 juin 2008 à 10:10 -0600, Christian Grothoff a écrit :
> On Monday 09 June 2008 05:52:43 am Milan Bouchet-Valat wrote:
> > Hi all!
> >
> > I changed once again the layout of the treeview for search results:
> > - now it looks like Nautilus and the GtkFileChooser: we gain in
> > consistency, eye-candy, and a little space is freed; the hierarchy
> > directory/children is much more clear now
> > - status logos are nicer and free a lot of space, allowing to see the
> > meta-data
> If they are understood -- maybe we should add tooltips here?
Sure (see below).

> > Question: was does GNUNET_URITRACK_DIRECTORY_ADDED means? I've chosen a
> > '+' icon (GTK_STOCK_ADD) for this status, but I did not really
> > understand it...
> It means that the file was published as part of a directory.  Using the same 
> icon (Add) as for normal publications is probably fine.
I'll do this very soon (one line).

> Also,
> says that we need to unref the icon after use.  Since you do not do that (and 
> since you're re-loading them each time they are needed) the reference counts 
> will go crazy on those.  I think we should add a local cache for those 
> pixbufs.
That was one of my concerns. AFAIK, the GtkTreeStore calls g_object_ref() when 
we add an entry with this pixbuf, and calls g_object_unref() when it is 
>From the adress above:
"Returns : the rendered icon; this may be a newly created icon or a new
reference to an internal icon, so you must not modify the icon. Use
g_object_unref() to release your reference to the icon."
As I understand it, the pixbuf is only loaded once. When we close a
search the model is destroyed and the ref counts are released. Isn't
that good?

> > Now there's a problem: we cannot sort files by type. The previous 'Type'
> > column with icons was not good either, because icons regroup many
> > different MIME types, which would have been separated without
> > explanation when sorting.
> I didn't see this as a problem.  Not being able to sort by mime type at all, 
> that's more of a problem IMO. 
Well the problem was the files would have been sorted, but you would not
have known what was their type...

> > I wonder whether we should add a column with 
> > the type description after the meta-data one: icons don't tell what
> > precise format is the file (could be solved with a tooltip, though), and
> > putting it before meta-data would partially hide them. This would allow
> > sorting by type when required (no so common case, maybe). What do you
> > think?
> I think a tooltip would be nice (instead of wasting space with the mime 
> text).  
> However, I do know that tooltips are notoriously awkward with GtkTreeViews 
> (may have improved in recent GTK+ versions, but I don't think we can rely on 
> having those).  So good luck implementing them...
I'll have a look at this. I think latest GTK did improve this greatly.
More #ifdefs in perspective... Do you want this for 0.8.1? I guess you'd
prefer I slow down coding for 0.8.0.

> > Apart from that, I've been thinking for a while of removing the 'Search
> > Overview' list from 'Activity' so that more space is available for,
> > esp., downloads. The overview is already available with the tabs in
> > 'Search and download', anyway. With this change, 'Search and download'
> > could be set as the first tab, thus the default in FS (since it is the
> > first step and most useful one). Comments?
> Makes sense to me.
Same question: as it is easy, should I try to get this in 0.8.0, or
later? Not a problem for me.

> > Also, I've noticed a strange behavior of the 'Stop' download button.
> > Contrary to the 'Delete' one, it does not update the search views, and
> > the "cancelled" status is not set. This is quite inconsistent.
> I think I've fixed this, but I cannot test it (see comment on your r7104 
> below).
I still see it. I'll see what I can do.

> > And last but not least: when do you plan to release 0.8? It could be
> > nice for me to avoid committing buggy code just when you try to
> > stabilize all this stuff. This will be a great release!
> The answer has already been posted:
> So yes, it is time to fix stuff, not break stuff ;-).
Sorry, I read Drupal very often, but since I was coding... ;-) You could just 
have sent a mail to the list too, this would have made me calm down quite 

> Also, your r7104 breaks stuff -- you cannot just rename handlers like that, 
> they are referenced in the glade file  (and now clear/stop no longer 
> work!!!). Looks like this may have been an incomplete commit -- please fix...
You made me realize that most of my code was not committed, which explains this 
great inconsistency. What a shame! I'll never use GUIs to SVN again! I hope you 
will like more revision 7111, and sorry for that mistake (once again).

Anyway just tell me if there are other bugs that I introduced, I'll try
to fix them ASAP.

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