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[GNUnet-developers] improving the installation guide/handbook

From: demos
Subject: [GNUnet-developers] improving the installation guide/handbook
Date: Fri, 17 Jul 2015 15:58:02 +0200
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Without having much insight i tried out the installation handbook.
What i think what could spare users and package builders time and make
installation a fluent process is to improve the installation guide.
Maybe you agree in some points:

1. Mention that there are built-instructions of the different operating
systems at the beginning!
2. Combine and to remove unnecessary redundancy (easier
to maintain in case of (changing) dependencies)->
easier overview for those who want to package.
3. The README text from the installtion package could be the same as the
Installation handbook as long as the installer is not OS-specific.->
easier to maintain,
make sure when somebody changes the README that he changes the
Installation handbook online too and vise versa.
4. Add the following packages to (every) list of dependencies. For
consistency: If no composition of the instructions is made then the
dependencies must be on EVERY list the same having the same order.(not
complete sorry) :
* tar and xz for opening the source balls
* autoconf >= 2.59, automake >= 1.11.1
* gmp (as it is called a dependency in README in the newest
gnunet-package, dependency for nettle)
* libgpgerror (as it stands in
* nettle 2.7
5. Make sure the order of dependencies is as it should be installed.
6. Order the dependencies into two sections must have and optional
7. Add links to the sources:
(not complete) (zip)

CERTOOL for GNS: depends on nss which depends on nspr
(having both packages combined)

8. NETTLE: I had some odd built errors when first configuring and then
making nettle. I did several things and i don't know what helped at the
end, but since nettle is essential for gnutls
(./configure throws an error when nettle is missing) try to build it
yourself: it was not available for Debian 8.1. nettle-2.7 is libnettle4
in debian

Kind regards

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