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Re: [GNUnet-developers] NTRU

From: Christian Grothoff
Subject: Re: [GNUnet-developers] NTRU
Date: Sat, 25 Jul 2015 21:22:57 +0200
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Putting on my maintainer hat, I should say that I do not think this is
an issue we as GNU should worry about. The NTRU patent situation has
been discussed internally within GNU before and I don't recall anybody
raising a serious problem with it as such. We did worry that the
NTRU-license will prevent practical deployment of NTRU to strengthen
TLS, but that's not our concern here.  -Christian

On 07/25/2015 04:39 PM, Jeff Burdges wrote:
> All fine, but NTRU might limit anyone else's ability to write non-GPL
> code that interacted with CADET.  I'm not bothered, but maybe an issue.

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