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Re: [GNUnet-developers] [GSoC] Guix + GNUnet: report

From: asgeir
Subject: Re: [GNUnet-developers] [GSoC] Guix + GNUnet: report
Date: Fri, 28 Aug 2015 12:30:12 +0200 (CEST)


Ludovic Courtès writes:
> Could you add a package recipe to Guix for the right version of GNUnet?

Working on it!

> Could you remind me what the right GNUnet command is to check whether
> the thing is actually published and visible?

`gnunet-fs -i` should do the thing, otherwise you can search for your
store-path using its basename. For instance:

    $ gnunet-fs -i
    $ gnunet-identity -d
    testego - GKDCJH769N07V0WXGSMQWMT30HZCR7PGB6TS368WK8624A4537H0
    $ gnunet-search gnunet://fs/sks/GKDC…H0/zxfiv…xh-attr-2.4.46
    gnunet-download gnunet://fs/loc/NMR5JZ76WTFZF52B7EBQJDBJZ5WV3W1MXM9YT4SN8…
    gnunet-download gnunet://fs/loc/6ZEY7E5QT9F7PRYKHP19YKE7K7C2VH8WPDFN63R23…
    gnunet-download gnunet://fs/loc/F3QMX8J51EKEM9VDZSB3GTYQFYE1DTP1BCNJGYW68…
    gnunet-download gnunet://fs/loc/2WPBMM7BZMKG9Q70DF837QKGZDAGHWCMW79QB5D58…
    gnunet-download gnunet://fs/loc/6F94CAE022SP1AZX7TSHKGQHGKS290AP0VXHR97GF

> Nitpick: it’s a bit annoying that we have to specify a GNUnet
> configuration file.

Yes, GNUnet programs usually look for `~/.config/gnunet.conf`, and
`publish-gnunet` does the same. Now, maybe `publish-gnunet` could
somehow obtain the config file used by `gnunet-arm`?

> Instead of using ‘file-system-tree’, this variant should probably use
> ‘live-paths’ from (guix store), which returns the list of live store
> items.

Well, `file-system-tree` is only used to recursively index a random
directory’s content (in our case, a single store item). It looked viable
for publishing a single store item, but won’t be good for indexing at
once the entire set of live paths; I should ask the GNUnet team how to
properly index such a huge amount of directories.

On my machine, running `live-paths` takes ~2 seconds, but the
publication of the entire store will probably take much longer anyway.

> BTW, I noticed there’s quite a bunch of global variables that are
> ‘set!’.  It would be better to avoid that, but I suppose the
> continuation-passing style that the GNUnet libraries impose makes it
> difficult.

Hopefully, using the “closure” parameters of the GNUnet API in the
bindings should reduce the need for global variables, and improve
elegance of end-user programs.

Finally, the previously mentionned repositories are:


and the commands to get the code:

  $ svn co -r 36031
  $ svn co -r 36242
  $ git clone

Good afternoon!

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