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[GNUnet-developers] [release] gnurl 7.64.0

From: ng0
Subject: [GNUnet-developers] [release] gnurl 7.64.0
Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2019 20:27:46 +0000


I just released gnurl and libgnurl 7.64.0 following
curl and libcurl 7.64.0 released earlier this month.

* distinfo:

SHA1 (gnurl-7.64.0.pax.Z) = af2217036b77b3ff0b0736b2a929868f3c81ea8f
SHA1 (gnurl-7.64.0.pax.Z.sig) = 17cbedf1edc04481403ded49e45b73948311348e
SHA1 (gnurl-7.64.0.tar.Z) = 8e0f7dbee5df03859a5ee38d80766f6f740c2475
SHA1 (gnurl-7.64.0.tar.Z.sig) = b88fd28b102d985e2aa1328b496fa539178c7d3a
SHA1 (gnurl-7.64.0.tar.gz) = 6829cffe64b4340f95e080455e4fd7812291a56e
SHA1 (gnurl-7.64.0.tar.gz.sig) = 56660b233af31acdbb121ca6b0f77df9e646545f
RMD160 (gnurl-7.64.0.pax.Z) = e1a44a901081005e621debc09664be4b8221e42c
RMD160 (gnurl-7.64.0.pax.Z.sig) = 035d0eb3b119833641925ea85b931dac2eef65b1
RMD160 (gnurl-7.64.0.tar.Z) = 25cd4064f5865e702e6eb3585ebf501324ac1e84
RMD160 (gnurl-7.64.0.tar.Z.sig) = 7dca7a28c43aac217b3b5fb57e5417a3d6ea6acb
RMD160 (gnurl-7.64.0.tar.gz) = 164213833f18476401f85ca3fb0eb7a606dff6f3
RMD160 (gnurl-7.64.0.tar.gz.sig) = deaf3e5b03975d274292d8cda675f0ab8d48e276
SHA512 (gnurl-7.64.0.pax.Z) = 
SHA512 (gnurl-7.64.0.pax.Z.sig) = 
SHA512 (gnurl-7.64.0.tar.Z) = 
SHA512 (gnurl-7.64.0.tar.Z.sig) = 
SHA512 (gnurl-7.64.0.tar.gz) = 
SHA512 (gnurl-7.64.0.tar.gz.sig) = 

* upstream ChangeLog:

This release includes the following changes:
* cookies: leave secure cookies alone
* hostip: support wildcard hosts
* http: Implement trailing headers for chunked transfers
* http: added options for allowing HTTP/0.9 responses
* timeval: Use high resolution timestamps on Windows

This release includes the following bugfixes:
* CVE-2018-16890: NTLM type-2 out-of-bounds buffer read
* CVE-2019-3822: NTLMv2 type-3 header stack buffer overflow
* CVE-2019-3823: SMTP end-of-response out-of-bounds read
* FAQ: remove mention of sourceforge for github
* OS400: handle memory error in list conversion
* OS400: upgrade ILE/RPG binding.
* README: add codacy code quality badge
* Revert http_negotiate: do not close connection
* THANKS: added several missing names from year <= 2000
* build: make 'tidy' target work for metalink builds
* cmake: added checks for variadic macros
* cmake: updated check for HAVE_POLL_FINE to match autotools
* cmake: use lowercase for function name like the rest of the code
* configure: detect xlclang separately from clang
* configure: fix recv/send/select detection on Android
* configure: rewrite --enable-code-coverage
* conncache_unlock: avoid indirection by changing input argument type
* cookie: fix comment typo
* cookies: allow secure override when done over HTTPS
* cookies: extend domain checks to non psl builds
* cookies: skip custom cookies when redirecting cross-site
* curl --xattr: strip credentials from any URL that is stored
* curl -J: refuse to append to the destination file
* curl/urlapi.h: include "curl.h" first
* curl_multi_remove_handle() don't block terminating c-ares requests
* darwinssl: accept setting max-tls with default min-tls
* disconnect: separate connections and easy handles better
* disconnect: set conn->data for protocol disconnect
* docs/version.d: mention MultiSSL
* docs: fix the --tls-max description
* docs: use $(INSTALL_DATA) to install man page
* docs: use meaningless port number in CURLOPT_LOCALPORT example
* gopher: always include the entire gopher-path in request
* http2: clear pause stream id if it gets closed
* if2ip: remove unused function Curl_if_is_interface_name
* libssh: do not let libssh create socket
* libssh: free sftp_canonicalize_path() data correctly
* libtest/stub_gssapi: use "real" snprintf
* mbedtls: use VERIFYHOST
* multi: multiplexing improvements
* multi: set the EXPIRE_*TIMEOUT timers at TIMER_STARTSINGLE time
* ntlm: fix NTMLv2 compliance
* ntlm_sspi: add support for channel binding
* openssl: adapt to 3.0.0, OpenSSL_version_num() is deprecated
* openssl: fix the SSL_get_tlsext_status_ocsp_resp call
* openvms: fix OpenSSL discovery on VAX
* openvms: fix typos in documentation
* os400: add a missing closing bracket
* os400: fix extra parameter syntax error
* pingpong: change default response timeout to 120 seconds
* pingpong: ignore regular timeout in disconnect phase
* printf: fix format specifiers
* Fix perl call to include srcdir
* schannel: fix compiler warning
* schannel: preserve original certificate path parameter
* schannel: stop calling it "winssl"
* sigpipe: if mbedTLS is used, ignore SIGPIPE
* smb: fix incorrect path in request if connection reused
* ssh: log the libssh2 error message when ssh session startup fails
* test1558: verify CURLINFO_PROTOCOL on file:// transfer
* test1561: improve test name
* test1653: make it survive torture tests
* tests: allow tests to pass by 2037-02-12
* tests: move objnames-* from lib into tests
* timediff: fix math for unsigned time_t
* timeval: Disable MSVC Analyzer GetTickCount warning
* tool_cb_prg: avoid integer overflow
* travis: added cmake build for osx
* urlapi: Fix port parsing of eol colon
* urlapi: distinguish possibly empty query
* urlapi: fix parsing ipv6 with zone index
* urldata: rename easy_conn to just conn
* winbuild: conditionally use /DZLIB_WINAPI
* wolfssl: fix memory-leak in threaded use
* spnego_sspi: add support for channel binding

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