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Re: [GNUnet-developers] Discussion, and Help Wanted: Moving to Gitlab fo

From: Christian Grothoff
Subject: Re: [GNUnet-developers] Discussion, and Help Wanted: Moving to Gitlab for Git, CI, and Issues
Date: Fri, 5 Apr 2019 22:58:13 +0200
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On 4/5/19 9:20 PM, Devan C. dvn wrote:
> - wldhx has kindly offered two "Gitlab Runners" for running CI jobs.
>   These will be added as shared runners, to be used by any projects on
>   the instance. This may be changed later to only be shared by projects
>   under the GNUnet namespace.

Eh, what is required here? It's not like we don't have enough CPU or RAM
on itself, right?

> - Daily remote backups. Perhaps '' could be the backup
>   site, hmm?

I plan to re-install firefly "soon", after that it should ideally become
the primary site in the future.

> Exporting:
> - Mantis can export to CSV and "Excell" XML
>   - These do not contain comments (bugnotes). It looks like there might
>     be a possibility to enable them via a configuration option[2]. Not
>     sure who all has admin access, whom I could coordinate with. Maybe
>     easier if I can get admin rights? Grothoff, what do you think?

I've checked the configuration option, and it can only give you the #
bug notes, not the bug notes as far as I can tell.  I think you will
need to do a *proper* DB export->import.  Also, the CSV will hardly give
you the file attachments either.

> I suppose this means that we will continue to use Mantis, and disable
> issues in Gitlab for now. Any protests or ideas?

Neither ideas nor protest from me at this time ;-).

>  4. Manually replicate permissions. Will need a Gitolite admin's help
>  on this.

dvn: you're now gitolite admin, please help yourself ;-).

> - As we build out a matrix of pipelines, we will need more resources.
> '' is a logical option. In the past I've seen it
> utilized heavily by experiments. As long as we are okay with dedicating
> some CPU and RAM to runners, then I will begin setting them up.

How much crazy resources are you expecting to need here? You have ~20
idle cores and 40 GB free RAM on --- and that's with the
existing buildbot CI running. If gitlab is _that_ resource hungry, maybe
it's not a viable option?

> - Setup Gitlab Container Registry [7] for storing our CI artifacts.

That's more worrisome, we're short-ish on disk space on _both_ systems.
So please be careful there!

Happy hacking!


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