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Re: [GNUnet-developers] .dir-local.el for all/most repos

From: Florian Dold
Subject: Re: [GNUnet-developers] .dir-local.el for all/most repos
Date: Thu, 18 Apr 2019 14:50:23 +0200
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Instead of pushing settings just for Emacs, why don't you use something
that all editors can use?

For example

There are plugins for this for pretty much every editor out there.  That
would be much more useful than a ".dir-locals.el".      

- Florian

On 4/18/19 2:44 PM, Hartmut Goebel wrote:
> Am 18.04.19 um 14:31 schrieb Florian Dold:
>> I am curious why this file had to be committed *individually* to every
>> repository, including the wallet and python repositories?   It's
>> completely useless for these projects
> As you might have noticed, this also sets configuration relevant (and
> useful) for other languages than C, and even for www.git:
>      (indent-tabs-mode . nil)
>      (show-trailing-whitespace . t)
>      (ispell-check-comments . exclusive)
>      (ispell-local-dictionary . "american")
>         (eval add-hook 'prog-mode-hook #'flyspell-prog-mode)
>         (sentence-end-double-space . f)
>>  and just extra noise for just one
>> specific editor that only some people are using.
> I agree on this file being useful only for those using emacs, though I
> would not call it "noice" since it is a hidden file. But one could
> argument the same for all editor-related config-files.

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