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[GNUnet-developers] [release] gnurl 7.64.1

From: ng0
Subject: [GNUnet-developers] [release] gnurl 7.64.1
Date: Mon, 29 Apr 2019 18:22:18 +0000


here's the 7.64.1 release of gnurl.

...NOTE... Breaking changes ahead:

7.64.1 switches the way the configuration is done for a couple of reasons.

This might be annoying, depending on how you read it and what your approach to 
reading READMEs is.

Previously (or: for a very long time) I used to simply override what
curl used and assume it would be okay.

This release reverts my previous assumption based on long time experiences
and being a bit easier to maintain.

Now you have to be very explicit what you build, and what's known to work.
I consider this a one time "problem", for reference read the gnurl recipe
in pkgsrc-wip (or pkgsrc, once it is merged into CVS).

If there are any issues which do not relate to having to specify more switches,
for example an architecture you need to have support for, and similar tasks,
let me know.

I'm in the same boat as you are for package management, so this change was a
compromise between work, annoyance and other aspects.

Cheat sheet, the way I build it:
CC=clang ./configure --disable-ftp --disable-file --disable-ldap --disable-rtsp 
--disable-dict --disable-telnet --disable-tftp --disable-pop3 --disable-imap 
--disable-smb --disable-smtp --disable-gopher --without-ssl --disable-libpsl 
--without-libpsl --without-librtmp --disable-ntlm-wb


  Host setup:       x86_64-unknown-netbsd8.99
  Install prefix:   /usr/local
  Compiler:         clang
   CFLAGS:          -Qunused-arguments -Os
   CPPFLAGS:        -I/usr/pkg/include -I/usr/pkg/include/p11-kit-1 
   LDFLAGS:         -L/usr/pkg/lib -L/usr/pkg/lib
   LIBS:            -lidn2 -lnettle -lgnutls -lz

  curl version:     7.64.1-DEV
  SSL:              enabled (GnuTLS)
  SSH:              no      (--with-libssh2)
  zlib:             enabled
  brotli:           no      (--with-brotli)
  GSS-API:          no      (--with-gssapi)
  TLS-SRP:          enabled
  resolver:         POSIX threaded
  IPv6:             enabled
  Unix sockets:     enabled
  IDN:              enabled (libidn2)
  Build libcurl:    Shared=yes, Static=yes
  Built-in manual:  enabled
  --libcurl option: enabled (--disable-libcurl-option)
  Verbose errors:   enabled (--disable-verbose)
  Code coverage:    disabled
  SSPI:             no      (--enable-sspi)
  ca cert bundle:   no
  ca cert path:     no
  ca fallback:      no
  LDAP:             no      (--enable-ldap / --with-ldap-lib / --with-lber-lib)
  LDAPS:            no      (--enable-ldaps)
  RTSP:             no      (--enable-rtsp)
  RTMP:             no      (--with-librtmp)
  Metalink:         no      (--with-libmetalink)
  PSL:              no      (--with-libpsl)
  Alt-svc:          no      (--enable-alt-svc)
  HTTP2:            disabled (--with-nghttp2)
  Protocols:        HTTP HTTPS
  Features:         SSL IPv6 UnixSockets libz AsynchDNS IDN NTLM TLS-SRP 

For the pkgsrc integration I throw in a couple more switches for the
systemwide certificates, your mileage might differ here depending
on your system but the switches I used here are "correct".

In future releases I might have to introduce more switches
to finetune any leftovers from this change. 

(And of course run make).


SHA1 (gnurl-7.64.1.tar.gz) = 0dc45486333f3330b9a2c9b3158b9c08e9df5291
SHA1 (gnurl-7.64.1.tar.Z) = d990086d1958fef416f9e88962a792fca4d3c0fe
SHA1 (gnurl-7.64.1.pax.Z) = af0516229c71a5427d50f547bdc2bbc851cea9c0
SHA512 (gnurl-7.64.1.tar.gz) = 
SHA512 (gnurl-7.64.1.tar.Z) = 
SHA512 (gnurl-7.64.1.pax.Z) = 
RMD160 (gnurl-7.64.1.tar.gz) = 0a85b437c52d75636335e0d4bab90ff5ca4af8e7
RMD160 (gnurl-7.64.1.tar.Z) = dc355b3b9421c448a354057dbf14dc652b01d95d
RMD160 (gnurl-7.64.1.pax.Z) = 899e57c1899bb0d264613ada78beca90e001af5a


6314841 Apr 29 18:09 gnurl-7.64.1.pax.Z
6304833 Apr 29 18:09 gnurl-7.64.1.tar.Z
3643690 Apr 29 18:09 gnurl-7.64.1.tar.gz

Unless GNU Ftp makes some changes, signature checksums should be along those 
(I use the semi-automatic upload where this gets generated):

SHA512 (gnurl-7.64.1.pax.Z.asc) = 
SHA1 (gnurl-7.64.1.pax.Z.asc) = fe210d4d57ca163e9dfd08a94e31e65088125048
RMD160 (gnurl-7.64.1.pax.Z.asc) = 10f8912741385827b233f6d24e659ec45c8f2eb9
SHA512 (gnurl-7.64.1.tar.Z.asc) = 
SHA1 (gnurl-7.64.1.tar.Z.asc) = d50af71dabebfc5985f40e96f2ece81ebeec0daf
RMD160 (gnurl-7.64.1.tar.Z.asc) = 45869ae4e4ef66e518dc64b386652d0d2a840daf
SHA512 (gnurl-7.64.1.tar.gz.asc) = 
SHA1 (gnurl-7.64.1.tar.gz.asc) = cf0c28daa1234a65b7b3f4f477de23a593fd8fa9
RMD160 (gnurl-7.64.1.tar.gz.asc) = d5bb27fe09a865940f00dbe336c7170599be6004

To verify the release, you can get my gpg2 pubkey:

either via sks keyservers or via one of the other
ways (if you need it, I'll refresh the one on my

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