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Re: [GNUnet-developers] Hello! (brief introduction and lots of questions

From: t3sserakt
Subject: Re: [GNUnet-developers] Hello! (brief introduction and lots of questions)
Date: Fri, 14 Jun 2019 17:25:57 +0200
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Hey Olie,

On 13.06.19 00:45, Christian Grothoff wrote:
> Hi Olie,
> Some answers inline below...
> On 6/12/19 9:01 PM, Olie Ayre wrote:
>> ### 2: How might I chat with friends?
>> I've read the document section on the "Conversations" program
>> that uses a phonecall-esque approach, and I've also read that
>> protocols like SMTP haven't been implemented "yet". In a
>> hypothetical GNUnet which is more developed and actively used
>> by a larger population, what would be "the" way of doing
>> Email-style communication, IM-style communication, and any of
>> those and voice in groups with multiple members? Would there
>> be additional protocols and components in GNUnet that would
>> manage these kinds of communication? How do/might they
>> look/work?
> The SecuShare folks have some gnunet-nim codebase they use for IM-style
> chatting. Maybe they can give you more detailed pointers on how to use it.

Indeed there is

which is an implementation of a TUI (terminal UI) groupchat in nim
( using

to bind to GNUnet APIs. If you set up everything you can get back to me
directly, and we can try it out together.

> ### 4: How can I make sure data is still available when my
>>        machines are powered off?
>> If for instance I have files hosted on a machine or have my
>> GNS zone on my computer and I turn my computer off, would the
>> files and GNS records still be available to other machines?
> For some time, yes. GNS records are published in the DHT, and may be
> cached (IIRC for about a month). Of course, if your expiration times are
> set to 5 minutes, they may be lost much faster than that.
>> Can they still resolve my GNS records without my machine being
>> on? If I host a file rather than just indexing it, will it be
>> available via other peers at all?
> Other peers may cache the file or parts of it, but they may also drop it
> if they don't have excess storage. So there are no guarantees that the
> file will remain available.
>> If not, then would it be
>> reasonable to run most if not all of my GNUnet content from my
>> VPS which will be on all the time?
> Yes, indeed. Same for the GNS zones.

Maybe it is even more reasonable to run it on some device that is always
on at your home. But this depends on your use case and your threat
model. Be aware, that the level of anonymity using GNUnet depends on the
which part of GNUnet you are using, and that the anonymity set is not
that big with only some hundred nodes running.

> ### 9: What sorts of applications might I write for GNUnet
>>        considering what systems already exist?
> Whatever you're qualified to do and feel like. It's Free Software ;-).
>> Or say I wanted to create a social
>> network, is the idea of GNUnet that everything work on the
>> protocols and systems that are part of GNUnet and really
>> integrate with it as a platform?
> Talk to the SecuShare(.org) folks, they're working on exactly that.
> Albeit a bit idle these days AFAIK as a key organizer went into art.

Maybe idle is not the correct term. ;-) We are hunting after a bug in
GNUnet Cadet or how we use Cadet, because our groupchat TUI has a
problem with reconnecting to a channel after it was uncontrolled

After that problem is solved we will go on to implement our ideas
leading to a distributed social network.

>> ### 11: Last one. What chat rooms and systems can I start
>>         participating in right now?
>> Are there any? I think it would be amazing to see it working
>> and be talking to people with it and browsing content others
>> have already made? Is there anything doing a similar job of
>> the IRC channel but on GNUnet? If not, are there docs that
>> would allow me to - once I'm more familiar with how it all
>> works - to setup my own "room" that I can invite friends to
>> and chat in?
> The gnunet-nim / secushare folks run something, but I've not had the
> time to use it myself. I expect they'll indoctrinate me during the
> GNUnet Hacker meeting in 2 week ;-).

That's the plan! ;-) Because of the problem I mentioned above there is
no peer you can expect to run the groupchat continuously, but - as
mentioned above - you can contact me directly to try it out. :-)

Would be great, if  we can fix the problem during the GNUnet Hacker meeting.

Happy hacking!


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