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Re: [GNUnet-developers] Review of the new GNUnet website

From: sva
Subject: Re: [GNUnet-developers] Review of the new GNUnet website
Date: Wed, 26 Jun 2019 21:32:08 +0200
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Hey Fabian,

this is perfect, as we are currently sitting on this, too :)

I quickly reply inline.

Would you have time to join our efforts tonight & tomorrow?

On 6/26/19 9:18 PM, Fabian Gerlach wrote:
> Can we still call it new? Anyway, you know what I mean.
> Hello, hello, hello, everyone.
> I've sat down and reviewed the new GNUnet website for helping you to improve 
> it.
> Here are my findings/suggestions for improvement:


> Better access:
> Regarding, top section:
> 1 - Change the hyper link color from black to the new GNUnet logo blue
> This change makes the hyper link words far more readable. Currently on dark 
> grey background, the hyper link words are very hard to read.
> Maybe applying this change to sections with white background would look 
> nicer, as well. That's something one should test out. Said blue for hyper 
> link words on white background also would set hyperlinks better apart from 
> the normal, black text on white background. But black hyper link color for 
> sections with blue background is just right.

yeah, ehem, as the staging-setup doesn't work we've been working on the
LIVE page today, and made this change with the sections just a few hours
back. The plan is, to have the links in the blue-grey colour used for
the box below (which I hope is the "GNUnet-blue")

> Regarding :
> 2 - In the foundations text the 4 foundations of the GNUnet should be sorted 
> by stack depth, so the more fundamental things should be mentioned at first, 
> and the more superficial something is the later it should be mentioned. So at 
> first [TRANSPORT], then 2. [R5N], then 3. [CADET], then at last [GNS]. The 
> image above the text already is ordered like this.
> This way text and image both are sorted in the same way, stack depth, and not 
> 2 different ways. This unification makes it easier to make sense out of text 
> and image when dealing with this sub website in order to understand the 
> architecture of the GNUnet.
> 3 - Highlight the 4 foundation components in the image, which are mentioned 
> in the text. For instance by changing the background color of the 4 
> foundation component bubbles from white to the blue, which is also used in 
> the new GNUnet logo and changing the text color of these 4 bubbles from black 
> to white.
> This way you strenghen the connection of the image and the text. It's also an 
> idea to push that even further by colorizing the text so that in the text the 
> text color of the 4 foundation components is the same as the blue background 
> color of the 4 respective bubbles in the image. Additionally highlighting the 
> 4 foundation components in the image makes the image as such easier to 
> understand. Right now the image doesn't explain GNUnet architecture, but just 
> says, "GNUnet architecture is complicated!". Highlighting a small set of 
> components, which are more important, gives people an important starting 
> point for exploring the network of GNUnet components and would make the image 
> more helpful to understand the GNUnet architecture.
> 4 - These blue dotted arrows in the image should be black or explained. 
> Otherwise they are just confusing.

I think we all agree that this Spaghetti-monster is not very nice.
If you have grafic-skillz, you are very very invited to just start
working on it :)

> In general:
> 5 - At least on the website use more generally understandable vocabulary like 
> "issue tracker", "vulnerability count", and "fix issues".
> The website is addressed to a wide audience. Not only developers, but also 
> the general public and academia. A more generally understandable vocabulary 
> makes it easier for a wide audience to understand the content of the texts. 
> This suggestion doesn't apply to the tech areas, meaning the repository as 
> such, the tracker as such, the dev mailing list, etc., because these areas 
> are mainly addressed to developers, so dev speech is totally okay there. But 
> really not on the website for the broad audience. More generally 
> understandable vocabulary also would make translation of the new website into 
> other languages easier.

If you send us/me concrete change-requests, I'll change them right
ahead, promised!

> 6 - Translate the website into other languages and reach out for help where 
> gaps are
> Is there any structure for filling in translations of the english website 
> into another language?
> What are the specific steps people should take who want to contribute 
> translations?
> If there is a language in the drop-down menu, people should find the expected 
> translation of the website there; not emptiness or the english website.
> So, either entry there and filled, or no entry, or at least a notice 
> explaining that there is no translation of the website in the desired 
> language, yet, and encouraging to contribute a translation and explaining how 
> to do so.

Afaik there is a process but I don't know about it - hope someone else
can give --verbose here (and I'll add it on the website/docu right ahead

> More appropriate:
(I'll go trough this later but now I urgently need to prepare & get some
food... just wanted to reply to you quickly to stress that this is just
about the right time!! Thanks!)


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