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[GNUnet-developers] Routing to Wernsdorf (was: Re: [Event] Weekend befor

From: sva
Subject: [GNUnet-developers] Routing to Wernsdorf (was: Re: [Event] Weekend before Camp in Berlin? (16th-18th August))
Date: Thu, 4 Jul 2019 14:17:00 +0200
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Dear ng0,

First a note to everyone: The GNUnet event happens 16th-18th August
(come earlier, stay longer). CCCamp then starts at 21st August.

On 7/4/19 1:13 PM, address@hidden wrote:
> sva transcribed 1.8K bytes:

>> On the countryside:
>>, reachable by public transport (BVG)
>> from Berlin-city in ~1hr, surrounded by lakes, kitchen, (simple) acco
>> for many + tentspace, 12 EUR pP (maybe cheaper if needed), 50++Mbit,
>> some infrastructure (flipchart, beamer).
> For the uninitiated from outside of Berlin: What is the best way
> to get there when one has to consider either Flixbus or Deutsche
> Bahn? Any particular Bus line or ...? I think generally this will
> be from Berlin Mitte (though Flixbus is a couple of stations away
> from Mitte).

Destination is "Wernsdorf Schleuse, Königs Wusterhausen" can show you the way till there.

The general pattern seems to be:
- HBF Berlin
- SBahn/RB to Erkner or Königswusterhausen
- Bus from there

Alternative ist Tram/STR-Station "Alt-Schmöckwitz, Berlin"
(and then I'll pick you up by car, or walk  4km along the water)

Flixbus has various stops in Berlin,
- the closest is SXF, but Wernsdorf is not well connected from/to there.
In one direction there is a bus going directly, but in the other its
weird, better is then to take the sbahn+Tram to Alt-Schmöckwitz.
- Alexanderplatz seems to be the best to reach further to Wernsdorf
- but ZOB (Messe Nord) and Suedkreuz also do the job similarly.
- Just Alt-Tegel seems to be the worst option possible :)

Use Öffi (android) or (browser) for infos on the local transport. can also do it, but sometimes it seems to prefer sbahn routes
and therefore doesn't always give the best options.

Hope that helps?


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