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Re: [GNUnet-developers] [Event-Mumble] Sunday 7th July, 8PM, on mumble g

From: sva
Subject: Re: [GNUnet-developers] [Event-Mumble] Sunday 7th July, 8PM, on mumble
Date: Sun, 7 Jul 2019 21:39:23 +0200
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This happened today :)

Glad to have seen some new "faces", happy to see you again next time!

On 7/4/19 1:53 AM, sva wrote:
> monthly get-together 
> at 8pm Central European time, at the following dates:
> 7th of July
> 8th of August
> 9th of September
> 10th of October
> 11th of November
> 12th of December
> ...and so on>> I've tried to collect all the upcoming (planned) events here:
> For the mumble meets we started a pad:
> Please add your points there anytime during discussion or whenever else
> you have the feeling there is anything that would be good to talk about!

There are the notes from todays meet, and pasted below,


Notes: (also in the pad )

start: 20:15
 * report from the hackweek
   * see
 * status-update of the planned events / meets / get-togethers
   * see
   * how to make a public invitation for August-meet and Datenspuren?
   * blogpost, twitter, info-ML?
     * sva does that
   * Anything else?
     * reddit?
 * status-update on the general documentation efforts
   * see
   * continuing going through Olie's worklog (see here:
   * maybe moving over the c-totorial there
   * making multiple chapters instead of one huuuge page?
     * its overwhelming on first contact
     * we discussed this and we already starting walking a way fith
/use.html and /install.html
     * changing the layout to have it like
 * status-update on the "how to use GNUnet" documentation
   * see
     * dht section?
   * setup a webserver to text if the vpn service worked well - and that
one can try out GNS and VPN to some other webserver
   * re:claim ID also for playing around, setting up webservice & using
existing webservices:
     * link to reclaim-page (to not have duplicates between different
docs -
 * status-update on TNG, and how to help it develop more quickly
   * next step ist automated test cases for communicators
   * found bugs in visual exploration, now find bug by testing :)
   * develope a mock transport
   * first test cases should be for the unix domain socket communicator;
reason: not as complex as the other ones
   * Plans for development of TNG?
     * martin also has plans ;)
 * status-update on website (xrs)
   * Purpose?
     * improve communication
     * support processes like onboarding, development, help/support
   * what has been done?
     * design follows function: implementation of workflows
     * review of texts
     * add subnav on some pages (could be reused)
     * redesign of
     * harmonized color scheme
   * what is still open?
     * contribute-site => rolebased guidance
     * irc logbot => Matrix will solve the problem... s
       * still open: the merge between IRC and matrix
     * doxygen  => now done
     * special forwardings => from pages that might have been linked at
other places
     * update rss automatically
     * translation to german+spanish => do NOT use /en/ in links! (fixed
a few today...)
       * could be helpful for translations...
       * deadline for a "stable" version: end of august
       * main languages: spanish, portuguese, german, russian
     * remove from search engines (robot.txt?)
       * put in git under a different name (e.g. robot-gnunet.txt) and
redirect for webserver => now done
 * form tasked based, temporary teams or roles (xrs)
   * Infrastructure
     * What? Servers, Backup, Restore,
     * Who? florian, lurchi, xrs
   * CI, bringing back CI
     * What? Martins proposal to use; setup build bot?
automated checks, automated build, supports release process, and tar-balls
     * Who?  martin dvn
     * Priority? medium to high
     * When? autumn 2019
   * Website
     * What? See open points above.
     * Who? sva xrs
 * bringing back CI merged above
 * GNUnet 0.11.6 release
   * anything left that should be included?
   * t3ss was working on CADET API changes
   * nothing is open otherwise
   * sva proposes to make a news-post on the events and the release
   * release notes are still TBD - git-log will show what need to be in
   * xrs will have a look at it - martin will also have a look at it
 * Plans for development of TNG merged above
End: 21:35

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