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conversation submodule questions

From: ng0
Subject: conversation submodule questions
Date: Sat, 26 Oct 2019 07:57:47 +0000

Good morning.

I have a couple of questions for building conversation.

1. conversation is no longer experimental, is that true or
   was the change prior to my documentation change a mistake?

2. we search for libpulse + gstreamer + libopus in the
   context of building conversation or not.
   As far as I understand it, we try to avoid pulseaudio
   in pkgsrc when possible, so my understanding right now
   while reading the checks someone wrote:

   -> if we have either pulse, opus, or ogg,
      -> check if we have gst and if we do,
         -> if we have conversation_backend=none
            do not build conversation (disable both
            conversation Makefile guarding conditions).
         -> else enable BUILD_GST_HELPERS
            in this case, conversation == build with gst,
            no pulseaudio required (?)
      -> check if we have conversation_backend=pulse, if so
         -> set BUILD_PULSE_HELPERS to true
            set BUILD_GST_HELPERS to false.
            in this case we don't require gst and only require
      In the end we record the result conditionally in BUILD_CONVERSATION,
      which we don't use in the Makefiles so far.

Are the obversations above true?

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