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update on how to write news for

From: ng0
Subject: update on how to write news for
Date: Mon, 4 Nov 2019 18:26:16 +0000


this is a copy and paste of my write-up for the README file.
In addition to this, you have to `git submodule sync` and ./bootstrap
to get the change from taler-build-scripts to build-common.

This work will be merged into tomorrow, was
the testbed to get this first version right. The text below and
in this Email is refering to work in www.git.

news/                   One file per news post. See also "Writing News"

Writing News

Writing news posts for involves a couple of steps.
If you intend to write a new post, read this carefully.

* Every news post is wrapped in an <article> element, outside
  of the news post itself.

* Every news post must have its headline in an <h1> element.
  Ideally you don't use more than 1 <h1> in the news post.
  This can change in the future. The first h1 is what gets
  assigned as the title for the rss feed item for this post.

* Every news post must get added as an dict to the newspost list
  in If you are not sure what those words mean, search
  "newsposts" in There you will find a structure where
  you have to add a new member including the "," at the end.
  New posts get added to the top of the list, not at the bottom
  (this list is also responsible for the 5 newest entries on the

        'page': 'name-of-page.html',
        'date': '2019-10-31',
        'title': 'My new post'

  * page must be the name of the file without the leading news/
  * date must be a valid date in exactly this format.
  * title can be any title but preferable equal to the title (<h1>)
    in the file.

* If you use website internal links in your post, do not use plain
  href targets. Read and grep for *url* to see what can
  be used and grep the rest of the pages for examples how to use
  these functions.

* Last but least build the website locally and check if the news
  post renderes correctly.

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