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Re: Using libpcap for gnunet-dns- and gnunet-exit-helpers?

From: ng0
Subject: Re: Using libpcap for gnunet-dns- and gnunet-exit-helpers?
Date: Wed, 27 Nov 2019 11:15:21 +0000

You are right, libpcap does not allow what we require.

I'm still reading into it, but can we add a packet filter neutral
(or not using any packet filters at all) version to the requirements
of a stable GNUnet? What I describe below doesn't scale very good.

The two helpers right now require iptables.
pf implementations on *BSD differ by syntax.
Other systems most likely use a different packet filter.
iptables could change / be on its way out in the future (see eBPF in Linux
and its recent development directions).

Even for iptables this means we have to keep up with changes.

Right now, every porter would have to add a block for the packet filter
of their operating system.
As someone more knowledged about this wrote yesterday "hoping for compatibility
between firewalls seems like a plan doomed to fail".

Do I follow this course for now (adding system specific firewalls), or
do we have another option in the near/far future for these helpers?

it's really unpleasant for adding and maintaining systems support beyond
Linux for this part. and even Linux will change at some point,
so we need to move to whatever firewall has replaced iptables again
(a new nftables? idk). OpenBSD's pf syntax changes slowly, but sometimes
it changes. Other pf syntaxes change as well. I'm not sure about other
firewalls and how they developed over time, but it is unlikely they
didn't change. 

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