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Contributing to GNUnet

From: Tanguy Le Carrour
Subject: Contributing to GNUnet
Date: Wed, 4 Mar 2020 09:34:49 +0100

Dear GNUnet developers,

I have been interested in the GNUnet Project for some years now. First of all,
because it's a technically fascinating and ambitious project, but also because
it's a politically essential project to me.
I'd started to try it, but without concrete use cases my tests didn't yield 

Recently I came across GNUnet again through Secushare, re:claimID and Taler.
I find these projects exciting and these are 3 very concrete use cases
I am interested in.

In order to be able to evaluate them, I had to install GNUnet on my computer.
Unfortunately, the latest version was not available on my distribution.
So I rolled up my sleeves to update the package! This is now done and
is waiting to be integrated into Guix [1][].


In order to evaluate my package, I took the user manual and tried the different

With the help of Martin [2][], I was able to validate that re:claimID worked
correctly with Firefox, but unfortunately not with Icecat. The FS module
seems to work. I was able to find "Das Kapital", but the download was VERY slow
(6 b/s) so I didn't wait for it to complete. GNS seems to work. The proxy 
work with Icecat, nor with Firefox (?!), but works with Chromium… but GNS 
work well with virtual host, does it? I managed to compile the groupchat
application, but I'm not sure if it really works.


Now I'm trying to figure out how I could help the project? I could keep the
Guix package up to date. I had to disable some tests to make it work, so
I could open a bug report for that? I could package groupchat for Guix. It's
a small piece of software, but it would be the first Nim package in Guix, which
is by itself a challenge. One thing for sure, I'll try to use re:claimID
on a real project!

I'm looking forward to discuss all the possibilities with you guys!

Best regards


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