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Possibility of WASM version of gnu:net?

From: Brendan Miller
Subject: Possibility of WASM version of gnu:net?
Date: Sun, 22 Mar 2020 18:11:06 -0700

Hi, Martin. I am follow up on our conversation here from a few weeks ago about whether gnu:net could be run on mobile devices.

Since then, I have come across this fascinating new demo from the Matrix folks ( that compiles their Go federated homeserver into a WASM version that can be run in browser, essentially turning their federated network into a fully decentralized one: It is a very early prototype, but it is functional.

They are building this on top of a decentralized, encrypted IPv6 overlay network called Yggdrasil through an http-over-libp2p connector.

While the network is encrypted, I do not think their attention to privacy is as deep as gnu:net's is. (Comments?)

That got me wondering if it would be possible to compile gnu:net into one or more WASM modules so that it could be swapped out for Yggdrasil where privacy was paramount.

I would appreciate any thoughts you would have on a strategy like this. It could certainly open up new use cases for gnu:net. Thanks.



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