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gnunet-qr notifies a failure despite adding the record

From: Alessio Vanni
Subject: gnunet-qr notifies a failure despite adding the record
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 2020 18:15:30 +0100
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I'm trying to add a GNS URI through 'gnunet-qr', but even though the
record is successfully added, the program reports that it failed to add
it. The URI is generated by 'gnunet-bcd'.

Actually, as I can't scan QR codes through the webcam, I hacked
'gnunet-qr' to parse PNG files. I tested the code and it's able to parse
the QR code correctly, giving an URI which, when passed to
e.g. 'gnunet-namestore', will add the record.

I did the following steps:

1. I created a QR code by running 'gnunet-bcd', passing in my GNS key
and taking a screenshot of the QR code from the generated PDF.

2. I set the "default ego" in 'gnunet-namestore' to a second identity I
created to test this kind of things.

3. I ran the modified 'gnunet-qr' like so:
$ gnunet-qr -i qrcode.png
Failed to add URI 
$ gnunet-namestore -D
        PKEY: PC3Q6V88B7KAXMASXBFTPHF3DFQP54ETMB0473NM1ZHJEQZ25XB0 (365 days)   

The URI in the example has the real public key of my primary identity.
After the "failure" I can do tasks involving the PKEY record, like
resolving something with GNS, etc. so the record itself exists and can
be used.

'gnunet-qr' itself is probably not the real culprit since it simply
defers the URI handling to 'gnunet-namestore', but I don't know where to
look at to find the root of the problem.


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