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Re: GNUnet PoWs hashfunction

From: Schanzenbach, Martin
Subject: Re: GNUnet PoWs hashfunction
Date: Sat, 18 Apr 2020 13:35:58 +0200

> On 18. Apr 2020, at 13:24, Jeff Burdges <address@hidden> wrote:
>> On 18 Apr 2020, at 09:28, Schanzenbach, Martin <address@hidden> wrote:
>> Ideally, the PoW should take ~1 week. I am not sure yet if the chosen 
>> parameters fit this requirements.
>> If you have any input on parameter choice or can run a revocation (with the 
>> argon2 code from that branch) on your device with 17-25 WORKBITS that would 
>> help greatly.
>> You will need to have libargon2 installed.
> Is 1 week at 100% CPU right?  Any parameters sound painful at such durations. 
>  Is this for revoking once you lost the key or something?  I though PoW only 
> exists here because you broadcast?  Or is that 1 week as a very backgrounded 
> task?

Yes, I think we actually only have the PoW in order to prevent mass flooding of 
revoked keys.
1 week 100% for a single core CPU was the past implementation.

> As an aside, there is a verifiable delay function (VDF) project by the 
> ethereum foundation, which protect against parallelism.  I’d expect VDFs 
> provide less protection against ASICs per se than Argon2, but they should 
> ideally provide relatively high confidence in ASIC speed.  VDFs should only 
> consume one core while running, which might improve user experience.  We can 
> chat about this once some VDF achieves the desired confidence in ASIC speed.  
> ;)
> Jeff

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