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Follow-up on SAT, 6 PM Re: [Event:Mumble] TUE Mai 5th, 8PM, mumble gnune

From: sva
Subject: Follow-up on SAT, 6 PM Re: [Event:Mumble] TUE Mai 5th, 8PM, mumble
Date: Tue, 5 May 2020 23:39:12 +0200
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Dear all,

On 04/05/2020 16:59, sva wrote:
> a monthly get-together would be great to have again. 
> For the mumble meets we started a pad:

One topic of today's meet was the question what happens with the GNUnet
hackweek that was supposed to happen mid-June. We agreed that having a
RL-Meet is not really plan-able these days - but also the participants
found it a good idea to think about an online event.

Right afterwards we made some brainstorming about this, and I think we
had quite some ideas (yes, I am also very skeptical if an online-event
is such a good idea - but we agreed that its worth trying, especially as
our meets so far were only reachable by mid-EU-folks. If this works we
can develop that further and make regular sessions...?)

Anyway: We'll meet up again on Saturday, 6 PM on mumble in this. The
goal is to present you a plan for an online-event afterwards and get a
decision if we wanna do this. Everyone - especially folks with
experience in such online events - is invited to join in there :)

Till then it'll be interesting to know who finds this a good (or bad)
idea and esp who would be interested to join in or knows folks who would.

Feel free to reply here or off-list or also approach me on IRC/Matrix


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