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Re: CI and CD

From: Nikita Gillmann
Subject: Re: CI and CD
Date: Thu, 7 May 2020 13:32:30 +0200


okay let me try a more polite and focused version of what I've sent
Users encounter weak points of our lack of CI/CD and report it.
This doesn't happen since the 3 recents reports on IRC (including the
one last night), it has been going on for much longer with not all
reports reaching us. This is bad.

Documentation disappearing, becoming unavailable or in any way
unexpected side results is unacceptable. website is deployed in a similar fashion, with side effects.

At least those 2 parts of our public facing infrastructure should build
in a way that nothing unexpected happens and the result is separated
from a source which so far we have the unwritten consensus "can fail,
allowed to fail, failure is okay".

I don't want to do this via cron + git again. We have better tools.
Since you probably don't want me to spin up a build on a github+CI
integration, I'm open to ideas what we could realistically run and
maintain on the server we have.

I'm very annoyed at the length of time spend with this topic so far,
so let's get something reasonable and as mentioned before really don't
fall back to private discussions.

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