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Re: Request for comments on alpine package files

From: xrs
Subject: Re: Request for comments on alpine package files
Date: Fri, 8 May 2020 14:49:22 +0200

Hi Christian,
hi Daniel,

thanks for your reply.

On Thu, 30 Apr 2020 21:45:20 +0200
Christian Grothoff <address@hidden> wrote:

> Hi xrs,
> I'm wondering about:
>   To setup GNUnet user services for a regular user:
>   > sudo -u USER  
>   To start GNUnet user services for 'USER':
>   > sudo rc-service gnunet-USER-services start  
> Can't the script make it so that the user
> services are auto-started whenever the user is logged in
> (especially/at least for X logins)?  Having to manually start the
> user services after each login sounds unnecessarily painful ;-).

In Alpine Linux it is common practice in order to start a service
automatically at boot time you do the following:

  sudo rc-update add yourservice

On a per-user basis I experimented with coupling it with the login
process. But there is a trade-off. It is then decoupled from service
management which has the advantage to calculate and manage service
dependencies. The service manager OpenRC can help for example in
complex scenarios like restarting all gnunet system services, which
automatically triggers restarting all gnunet user services in order. So
I decided for the latter.


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