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gnurl maintenance

From: Nikita Gillmann
Subject: gnurl maintenance
Date: Sun, 24 May 2020 19:53:07 +0200


there's one scenario where I will continue maintaining gnurl and
eventually sending patches to curl: The work on gnurl, with Taler and
GNUnet as primary users of it, gets funded/paid (Taler knows by
invoices how long the average release takes). I'm okay with working on
gnurl in general.

If this can not be arranged, I have to pass on the maintainer role of
it. I've reached a point in my Open Source work where the cost of my
really broad and long-term involvement in many projects is too
high. gnurl should be mostly self-documented but I can help explaining
if the role is passed on.

Please keep replies on-list unless you want to go into detail for
making this paid work. I have low spoons for any Open Source related
discussion at the moment for private reasons.

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