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Re: Re: Open questions regarding new messenger and secushare and organiz

From: carlo von lynX
Subject: Re: Re: Open questions regarding new messenger and secushare and organization Was: Make GNUnet Great Again
Date: Mon, 16 Nov 2020 12:49:28 +0100
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Sorry if as usual I sounded more harsh/bitter than I actually am.

On Mon, Nov 16, 2020 at 10:54:49AM +0900, Martin Schanzenbach wrote:
> We do have a "hidden" roadmap (not 100% up to date anymore):

We have one as well… similarly hidden:

It describes the prototype from 2012 that seemed to actually
work and do certain things… but there were fundamental issues
like nodes not finding each other again once you had done
the "friendship" procedure.

Since then most of the work of the secushare team went into
figuring out how to debug GNUnet… and indeed fixing a few.
t3ss is kindly still fighting his way in that regard.
Whereas the GNUnet team at times seemed like it was busy
doing more add-ons on top.. but then thankfully they did
a rewrite of CADET which was indeed helpful.

Still I won't forget how we first visiting the #gnunet
IRC channel something like a decade ago and asked if
multicast tree distribution was on the roadmap, and
someone in the chat suggested that "eventually" GNUnet
would support multicast.

"Eventually" didn't sound like it wouldn't happen within
a decade's time and that it would be us having to implement
it, as if we hadn't already enough to do with the higher
layers of secushare.

Maybe secushare should have worked on top of Retroshare,
or on top of Tor. It would inherit some shitty deficiencies,
but at least there would be *something*. It's ridiculous
that the thing that comes closest to the vision of secushare
is Telegram! A platform powered by the "philantrope" economy
model, with the benevolent dictator at the top making wrong
choices that fuel all kinds of immoral uses of the tool,
empower populists in their aim of spreading false realities,
empower criminals in their aim of trading forbidden fruits,
let alone put all user data in a cloud whose only strength is
that it is less bad than the other ones.

But from a UX perspective Telegram is pretty close to what we
were planning for - maybe combined with a dash of Facebook
and Skype. Yippie.

Again, I sound bitterer than I actually am.
It's still okay to meet me over a beer.         :-D

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