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Re: LSD0001 review

From: Schanzenbach, Martin
Subject: Re: LSD0001 review
Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2022 22:28:32 +0000

> On 10. Feb 2022, at 23:02, Maxime Devos <> wrote:
> Schanzenbach, Martin schreef op ma 07-02-2022 om 19:02 [+0000]:
>>>>    A UTF-8 string (which is not 0-terminated) representing the
>>>> preferred label of the zone. This string MUST NOT include a "."
>>>> character.
>>> Can I have a nickname "SOME-ZTLD"
>> Yes.
>>> , "@"
>> Ah good catch. Yes. But nobody will accept it.
>> [...]
>>> , "foo<nul byte>bar"
>> Yes.
>> [...]
>>> or "" (zero-length string)?.
>> Yes
>> You can do whatever you like with your string.
>> You cannot expect it to be used :)
> You say that nobody will accept the "@".
> Possibly you also mean that "foo<nul byte>bar" won't be accepted
> (because many C assume the nul character is only for termination).
> However, I don't see anything in the spec telling people not to accept
> this @ and <nul byte>.  Does this ‘don't accept this’ need to be
> included in the spec somewhere?

What I mean is that you would not look at a nick like that and think
"I am going to add this to my zone".
The use of a NICK is not defined in a normative way.
There is no action associated with it that is qualified with a MUST or SHOULD.
So users may consider the NICK record to when adding new PKEY delegations.
They may choose not to.

Let's look at "@":
If you really see a NICK, and decide "hey lets add a delegation to this zone
under the label @" it will not work because it is not allowed to add
delegations under the empty label:
"Zone delegation records MUST NOT be stored and published under the apex label."

Let's look at "foo<nul byte>bar":
I do not really see a way that a user will not see this as simply "foo".
The string is terminated there and the user will be displayed "foo".
If the user decides to add a delegation under "foo", he can do so no problem.
Yes, it will not be "foo<nul byte>bar", but that is not really relevant in any 
The user may also decide to put the delegation under "notfoo". The NICK
is just a suggestion.
If the suggestion is ambiguous (or cannot be complied with), it is just that:
A bad suggestion by the zone owner.


> Greetings,
> Maxime.

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