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Re: Tutorial - Git repo

From: Gavin Henry
Subject: Re: Tutorial - Git repo
Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2022 14:50:08 +0000

> > No problem Martin.
> >
> > Just looking through all the Peer Discovery code and NAT busting
> > things for adding the P2P bits to SentryPeer vs what Zyre can do with
> > OpenDHT. I need to figure out how a peer node can be reached and pop
> > that into the DHT, but looks like GNUNet does all that and way more.
> > So I don't need to put in STUN/pmp/discovery etc.
> >
> > Thanks.
> This is actually something we are currently working on as well.
> We are in the process of improving and specifying the DHT 
> (
> which includes HELLO handling (I guess this is what you mean by how a peer 
> node can be reached).

Will have a read. My understanding of what is a design pattern is, is
after the DHT network/routing is established, the actual peer (not DHT
node) needs to be reached behind NAT if not on a public IP etc. like:

"Please note the terminology used in this document to avoid confusion.
A "peer" is a client/server listening on a TCP port that implements
the BitTorrent protocol. A "node" is a client/server listening on a
UDP port implementing the distributed hash table protocol. The DHT is
composed of nodes and stores the location of peers. BitTorrent clients
include a DHT node, which is used to contact other nodes in the DHT to
get the location of peers to download from using the BitTorrent

So my "Peer',' with regards to SentryPeer, is the peer that will speak
to other peers to replicate the IP address and Phone number list
collected via the SIP honeypot running on the same "node" (if
configured like that). Instead of that being the BitTorrent protocol,
for me it will be something like (as one of my
backgrounds is OpenLDAP) as I know that replication style.

> Further, t3sserakt is currently working on our redesign of the transport 
> subsystem which will
> hopefully improve connectivity (including NAT traversal): 
> Any feedback is always welcome here.

Cool. It might be dumb feedback, but I'll have a read and pose some
questions if I have any :-)

Kind Regards,

Gavin Henry.

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