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[GNUnet-SVN] r592 - Extractor-docs/WWW

From: grothoff
Subject: [GNUnet-SVN] r592 - Extractor-docs/WWW
Date: Mon, 4 Apr 2005 00:12:21 -0700 (PDT)

Author: grothoff
Date: 2005-04-04 00:12:19 -0700 (Mon, 04 Apr 2005)
New Revision: 592


Modified: Extractor-docs/WWW/index.php
--- Extractor-docs/WWW/index.php        2005-04-04 07:10:44 UTC (rev 591)
+++ Extractor-docs/WWW/index.php        2005-04-04 07:12:19 UTC (rev 592)
@@ -1,68 +1,108 @@
-DOCTYPE("HTML", "Transitional");
-echo "<html><head>\n";
-TITLE("i18nHTML - enabling collaborative webpage translation");
-echo "<meta name=\"description\" content=\"";
-TRANSLATE("i18nHTML is a collection of PHP scripts that allow visitors of a 
webpage to help translating it.");
-echo "\">";
-<meta name="author" content="Christian Grothoff">
-<meta name="keywords" 
-<meta name="robots" content="index,follow">
-<meta name="revisit-after" content="28 days">
-<meta name="publisher" content="Christian Grothoff">
-<meta name="date" content="2005-01-03">
-<meta name="rights" content="(C) 2004,2005 by Christian Grothoff>";
-<meta http-equiv="expires" content="43200">
-<meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html">
-W("i18nHTML is a collection of PHP files that can be used to write webpages 
that visitors can translate into their respective native languages.");
-W("i18nHTML uses a database to match sentences from the webpage against 
-W("i18nHTML defines a set of PHP functions that generate either the translated 
HTML sentences or the original (typically English) text with decorations that 
allow users to provide translations.");
-W("i18nHTML requires the internationalized webpages to be written using the 
provided PHP functions but does not constrain the page design in any way.");
-W("Webpages internationalized with i18nHTML can be updated without loosing 
existing translations for sentences that were not changed.");
-W("Note that it is important that you use the i18nHTML <tt>TITLE</tt> command 
in your documents in order to ensure that the character set and other meta-data 
is set properly.");
+$title="libextractor - a simple library for keyword extraction";
+$description="a simple library for keyword extraction";
+$keywords="keyword, extraction, mp3, html, pdf, images, jpeg, gif, ps, mime, 
real, qt, asf, mpeg, avi, riff, tiff, summary, summaries, kbps, format, 
mime-type, zip, elf, doc, ppt, xls, sha-1, md5, open office, sxw, dvi, id3, 
id3v2, id3v2.3, id3v2.4, thumbnails";
+$author="Vids Samanta and Christian Grothoff"; 
+H2("About libextractor");
+IMG("extractor_logo.png", "libextractor", "right", "136", "94", "0");
-W("You can find the latest version %s.",
-  extlink_("";, "here"));
-W("The latest CVS version can be obtained using");
-PRE("$ svn checkout";);
-W("If you want to be notified about updates, subscribe to %s",
-  extlink_("";, "i18nHTML on 
+W("libextractor is a library used to extract meta-data from files of arbitrary 
+W("It is designed to use helper-libraries to perform the actual extraction, 
and to be trivially extendable by linking against external extractors for 
additional file types.");
+W("libextractor is part of the %s.",
+  extlink_("";, "GNU project"));
+//W("Our official GNU website can be found at %s.",
+W("libextractor can be downloaded from this site or the %s.",
+  extlink_("","GNU mirrors"));
+W("The goal is to provide developers of file-sharing networks or WWW-indexing 
bots with a universal library to obtain simple keywords to match against 
+W("libextractor contains a shell-command &quot;extract&quot; that, similar to 
the well-known &quot;file&quot; command, can extract meta-data from a file an 
print the results to stdout.");
+W("Currently, libextractor supports the following formats:");
+W("Also, various additional MIME types are detected.");
+W("libextractor is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it 
under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free 
Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any 
later version.");
+H2("Recent News");
+echo "<dl>";
+DTDD("Thu Feb 24 01:23:31 EST 2005 | libextractor v0.4.2 released.",
+     "This release fixes some bugs in the ID3, PDF, PNG and REAL extractors.  
The REAL extractor now also handles the new Helix formats.  libextractor can 
now also be used to extract thumbnails from images (using ImageMagick).");
+DTDD("Wed Jan 26 19:51:44 EST 2005 | libextractor v0.4.1 released.",
+     "This release fixes a security issue (inherited from xpdf).  It also 
extracts more meta-data from files of TAR or QuickTime format.");
+DTDD("Sat Dec 25 21:42:26 CET 2004 | libextractor v0.4.0 released.",
+     "This release improves support for character sets (plugins are now 
expected to convert to UTF-8).  It also improves support for mp3 (adding 
genres) and png (handling of compressed comments).");
+DTDD("Sat Nov 13 13:23:23 EST 2004 | libextractor v0.3.11 released.",
+     "This release fixes bugs in the dvi, man, ID3v2.3, ole2 and pdf 
+DTDD("Sun Oct 18 13:23:35 EST 2004 | libextractor v0.3.10 released.", 
+     "This release adds support for ID3v2.3 and ID3v2.4.  It fixes bugs in the 
tar, man, deb, mp3 and ole2 extractors.");
+DTDD("Sat Oct 17 18:12:11 EST 2004 | libextractor v0.3.9 released.", 
+     "This release adds support for the man, tar (including tar.gz) and deb 
formats.  It fixes bugs in the id3v2 and jpeg extractors.  The size of jpeg 
images is now also extracted.  This version adds support for 64-bit file 
+DTDD("Sat Oct 02 20:00:04 EST 2004 | libextractor v0.3.8 released.",
+ "This release adds support for dvi (from TeX).  The plugins are now installed 
in a separate plugin directory.  libextractor now works under OS X (10.3)."); 
+DTDD("Fri Sep 23 23:30:33 EST 2004 | libextractor v0.3.7 released.",
+     "This release adds support for StarOffice formats, ID3v2 tags and the 
Ripe160MD hash function.  It also improves the performance of the HTML and ZIP 
+DTDD("Fri Sep 10 20:10:38 EST 2004 | libextractor v0.3.6 released.",
+     "This release adds support for OpenOffice formats, hash functions (md5, 
sha-1) and fixes some build problems.");
+DTDD("Mon Aug 30 23:18:49 IST 2004 | libextractor v0.3.5 released.",
+     "This release adds support for OLE2 (WinWord, PowerPoint, Excel formats) 
and fixes various minor bugs.  For OLE2 support you will have to have glib 2.0 
installed (yes, that is glib from GTK/Gnome, not glibc!).");
+DTDD("Thu Aug 26 20:27:24 IST 2004 | Bugtracking using Mantis enabled.",
+     "You can now report and view bug-reports about libextractor on %s.",
+     extlink_("","Mantis";));
+DTDD("Wed Aug 25 19:02:07 IST 2004 | libextractor v0.3.4 released.",
+     "This release fixes a minor linking error (<tt>-lm</tt> for 
<tt>floor</tt>), improves performance and adds support for GNU gettext 
+DTDD("Wed May 31 19:22:07 EST 2004 | libextractor v0.3.3 released.",
+     "This release fixes various minor bugs (segmentation faults and 
non-termination of mpeg and riff extractors for malformed files) and adds 
support for WAV files.");
+DTDD("Wed May 31 19:22:07 EST 2004 | libextractor v0.3.2 released.",
+     "This release fixes various minor bugs (plugins misbehaving for malformed 
files) and improves portability to Cygwin/MinGW.");
+echo "</dl>";
+  intlink_("oldnews","Older news archive"));
-if ( ($xlang) && ($xlang != "English")) {
-  H2("Mass translation");
-  W("The mass-translation page for translating many sentences at once is %s.",
-    intlink_("editor.php", "here"));
-  W("Note that the sentence database is shared with the %s, %s and %s 
-    ARRAY(extlink_("";, "GNUnet"),
-         extlink_("";, "doodle"),
-         extlink_("";, "libExtractor")));  
- }
+W("Related work:");
+echo "<ul>";
+LILI("","File format database");
+LILI("","getid3, similar project for PHP");
+     "PHP wrapper for libextractor (mirrored, not written by us, see README)");
+LILI("","Meta-data categorization 
+LILI("","JHOVE, Harvard Object Validation 
+echo "</ul>";
+W("Projects that use libextractor:");
+echo "<ul>";
+LILI("","libferris, a virtual file 
+LILI("","Evidence, enlightened file manager");
+LILI("","GNUnet, secure P2P file sharing");
+LILI("","doodle, index your disk");
+echo "</ul>";
-W("i18nHTML uses Mantis for bugtracking.");
-W("Visit %s to report bugs.",
-  extlink_("","";));
-W("You need to sign up for a reporter account.");
-W("Please make sure you report bugs under <strong>I18nHTML</strong> and not 
under any of the other projects.");
-W("If you dislike Mantis and need to report a bug contact %s via e-mail (good 
luck getting by the spam-filter).",
-  extlink_("mailto:address@hidden","address@hidden";));
+W("libextractor is developed by %s and %s.",
+  ARRAY(extlink_("";,
+                "Christian Grothoff"),
+       extlink_("";,
+                "Vids Samanta")));
+W("For questions about libextractor send email to %s.",
+  extlink_("mailto:address@hidden";,
+          "address@hidden"));
-echo "</body></html>\n";

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